Top Reasons Teachers Use Technology In The Classroom

Increase student motivation to learn
Reinforce and expand on content being taught
Respond to a variety of learning styles
Introduce new learning activities
Provide additonal practice to struggling learners/students
Change the pace of classroom work
Demonstrate something you can't show any other way
Make students more technology literate

Curriculum Technology Integration That Will Engage Your District

Ready, Set, Google Program takes your School from the concept stage to a 90+% fully functioning Google engaged District..
Google Learning Program II turns up the heat on Google engagement.
Google Learning Program III moves District Personnel from engagement to Interactive Leader / Participant.
Comprehensive audit of a District's current state of technology to create a sustainable technology roadmap. This may include hardware selection, software selection, LMS selection, and/or a professional develop plan based on District needs.
Teaching educators how to most effectively manage a digitally enabled learning environment by adding content and modules, sharing among peers, receiving assignments, and managing data generated by Blackboard, Schoology, Edmodo, etc.
Introducing Digital Curriculum to hundreds or thousands of education professionals can be an impossible challenge for Technology Professionals. Our Move-in services make Curriculum Integration a no-challenge situation. Everything is done to make adding or updating curriculum for your District seamless & easy.
Our la carte Training Programs focus on hot training issues and can even be Custom Designed to meet Your District where THEY are.
All School Personnel are not made equal. Some personnel need the added attention to take their digital engagement skills to a much higher level.
Rostering Made Easy is a better/ faster/ easier way to get student Rostering, Setup, and Sign-on complete.

What Our Customers Say

"Sergio was AMAZING! He came organized and was very helpful. :) I look forward to taking more sessions from Sergio. "
"Thank you for all of the great information. I thought you moved at a good pace that kept us active and engaged. I will definitely take the learning today and apply it to my classroom. Thank you!"
"I have used most of these tools before but this training helped show me several new ways to use them and tools to use with them."
"Katie was dynamic, very organized and easy to work with. She was able to dispense a good deal of information in the allotted time without causing any frustration to we the learners. I have taught and so have been to inservices for 33 years and I can honestly say she was the best presenter I have ever had."

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