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Staying ahead of technology trends requires a deep dedication to the education market, building relationships with best-in-class manufacturers, and continually growing our technology expertise. By doing this, we are able to anticipate unmet market needs and select products that become a big part of a school's overall technology solution.

If you are looking for classroom or lab equipment, we have that. As a value-added reseller, we offer over 100,000 products from over 1000 brands. By focus exclusively on education solutions, we have built partnerships with companies and organizations that offer products and services that enhance a school’s educational goals. Forward Edge can help you select the right products and services at the right price.

Some of our valued partners include Lenovo, HP, IBM, Samsung, Cisco, Aerohive, Microsoft, Extreme, Epson, NEC, Promethean, Axis, S2, MileStone and many more.

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Your Personal Cloud Desktop

Ideal for the BYOD and 1:1 initiatives, LaunchPad gives students and teachers access to all of their school resources and files from anywhere and any device! LaunchPad gives schools a way to connect their classrooms and curriculum in a more powerful way by utilizing its key benefits:

  • Single Sign On capability to various Apps
  • Access and edit all of your files and drives from any device
  • Increased collaboration between teachers & students through
    discussion boards, videos, assignments and more
  • Simple to set-up, update and manage

Promethean Collaborative Classroom

Promethean creates, develops and supplies leading edge, interactive tables, multi-touch interactive whiteboards, software and learner response systems that empower students to participate and actively engage in the classroom. With the Promethean product line your teachers can:

  • Transform ordinary lectures into captivating discussions
  • Facilitate student-led learning & decision making
  • Create more engaged students

Inova OnTime Digital Clock

Inova OnTime digital clocks are highly accurate, power over Ethernet LED clocks, designed to effortlessly put everyone on the same time. By eliminating the need for specialized software, Inova keeps things simple, while allowing you to control hundreds of clocks from any one PC.

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Chromebooks are unlike any other laptop! With the Chrome OS they are designed to work faster and easier than the traditional computer and offer the best of Google apps, built-in security, and easy central management. The web-based Management Console makes it easy to manage hundreds and even thousands of Chromebooks.

  • Assign devices to users and get configuration and usage reports.
  • Blacklist, whitelist, or pre-install apps, extensions and URLs.
  • Control who uses your Chromebooks

APC's Installation Consulting Service

Forward Edge has learned through experience and certified training the ability to design and install your APC solutions. Our team uses design tools to size your infrastructure correctly to ensure your expectations are being met. We also use these tools to include your 3rd party devices including routers, servers and switch. We work with our customers to understand the districts power needs, uptime expectation, and work within the budget. Although power is simple to understand, uncovering the challenges and finding the solution that best works for your district is where Forward Edge can help.

While working with our customers, we have seen many challenges to their power structure. Some of these include:

  • Equipment that has surpassed the manufacture life cycle
  • Down time of mission critical devices like phones, video surveillance and wireless
  • Energy companies supplying dirty power that causes switch/server damage
  • Sizing the correct power when utilizing a generator
  • Inadequate available power to ensure equipment is at the ready
  • Data centers that lack the proper cooling and ventilation
  • Lack the ability to monitor power status or defective batteries and components

Forward Edge works to find the best solution that fits your requirements and works within your budget. Adequate power is always taken for granted. We assume that this base layer will always be available. When it isn't, the ramifications can be disastrous. We want to ensure that critical systems are up and running like video surveillance, IP based phones. We also want to protect your hardware investment and loss of data. A correctly installed power infrastructure will provide you with the insurance that your systems ready, protected, and save you on some personal embarrassment.