Leave Management of Your Daily Network Services to Forward Edge!
Free up Your Inside Technology Team for other Mission Critical Responsibilities

With Forward Edge, the amount of time your
school is down will be decreased!

  • Your systems are managed both remotely and locally where any potential issues
    are fixed before they present a problem.
  • We follow a natural escalation procedure with multiple layers of accountability
    that increase the reliability of the network.
  • As dependence on technology grows, you can count on our team of specialists to
    be on top of the latest technology trends and to provide best in class solutions
    for your District.

Services That Provide Teachers More Success in the Classroom

What It Means for Your District

Faster Time to Resolution - Proactive monitoring of your systems by an increased number of experts, combined with their level of expertise increases speed to resolution.
Extended Team - Your technology answer when in-house technology staff is out, is dedicated to other District priorites, or isn't versed in a new technology.
Best-in-Class Benchmarking - Access to what works and what doesn't from hundreds of experiences from schools of all sizes.
Goal Alignment - District goals and IT Infrastructure needs are aligned allowing for efficient and targeted investment of resources.
Decreased Costs/Savings - Skyrocketing operational costs due to the need to refocus budgets on teaching & learning has left Districts looking for ways to cut variable staffing costs like benefits, raises, unemployment, etc.
Roadblocks Eliminated - An experienced technology team ready to resolve problems. Not just the major ones that stop learning cold, but also the minor ones that bleed a District of its valuable resources everyday.
What You Can Expect From Us

Getting Started with any new project or transitioning to an external provider can be time consuming.
Forward Edge makes the process easy.

We get to know Your Team, Your District, & Your Vision.
Work with Your District to Evaluate your Current Technology Platforms & Provide Insights on Technology Trends that will impact Your District.
Plan Development
Jointly Map Out a Critical Path to Most Effectively Reach a Sustainable Destination.
Flawless Execution
Are Committed to Flawless Execution to Delivery Superior Results.

What We Hear Our Customers Say...

Joshua Hickman
Database Manager
Forest Hills Schools

"You guys have done a great job getting the FHSD infrastructure where it needs to be! Keep up the great work!"
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