Our Team seamlessly assimilates into Your Culture making utilizing an outside partner effortless and easy. Customer say they "Trust Us" and "Like Doing Business with Us."

Expect More.Educated and Experienced Professionals.

Forward Edge team members include junior and senior engineers, technology professionals that go through a rigorous apprentice program, and a diverse team of specialists who are 100% versed in, and focused on, K-12 technology needs.

Extended Team.Wide Range of Support Activities.

There are times when every school needs added IT staff to supplement in-house resources. As the need arises, Forward Edge is your best choice. No need to stop all your daily activities to figure out how technology changes fit within your existing infrastructure, our technology expertise complements in-house staff. Our team can help to smooth out spikes in technology needs and we can provide added support to free up in-house staff for more mission critical responsibilities.

Keep Control.Save Money. Save Time.

By using supplemental staffing you maintain control of all of your projects while reaping the benefits of delegating work to our experts. Instead of investing time and money to hire new staff when work increases, Forward Edge is available immediately with competitively priced staffing services.

I can definitely speak on behalf of OME-RESA and tell you that it's quite refreshing to work with good vendors who are committed to the well being of the customer.
Adam Truex LAN Network Manager

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