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Student safety has always been a major concern for parents. As incidents of violent crimes, bullying, intrusion, and negligence increase, highly effective security solutions become critical. Without adequate security measures, the safety of your students and the integrity of your district are at risk. The best intentions without an effective strategy will fall short of the district mission to keep children safe.

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Forward Edge is an expert in providing reliable and efficient K-12 school surveillance systems. We have been equipping educational institutions with video IP, CCTV systems, security cameras, access control and other surveillance essentials for years. Our school surveillance systems increase safety and security for students and faculty, protecting the resources that matter most.

We will work with you to carefully design a video surveillance and access control solution. Our solutions will deter crime and violence by limiting the opportunity and exposing vulnerabilities to negative influences. Our solutions will be on-budget, scalable, and perform to expectations. Count on our innovative team of experts to provide a complete suite of services.
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Keep Your School Safe with Strategically Placed Video Surveillance & Access Control

Access Control
Intruders are a reality that some educational institutions face. By limiting access to campus buildings and changes to longtime leisure routes; parents, students and faculty members can feel safer while maintaining a healthy learning environment. Proximity readers, for example, would allow only faculty and staff members with the proper card to enter the facility.

Video Surveillance
With so few personnel available to watch the numerous hallways and locker bays, careful placement of video surveillance technology is essential in stopping unfortunate circumstances within the institution from unfolding. Surveillance equipment should be optimally placed within sight of restrooms, stairwells, parking lots and garages, the main entrance and all other entries, as well as corridors and hallways. Strategic placement and proper training in the use of video surveillance equipment can yield additional benefits such as:

easier control of emergency evacuations
decreased bullying and other violent interactions within the school
increased sense of security among parents, students and staff members
impeded criminal activity

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