Satisfy Your District's Bandwidth Needs

With Robust Broadband, Technology is uniquely Positioned to Transform Learning to Ensure Students grow into effective communicators & collaborators.

Students will know more than just how to use technology, but rather they will be able to manipulate technology to:

  • Communicate interactively
  • Build global learning networks
  • Innovate
  • Function as both consumers and producers of content

Ensure Your District has the highest potential for student success by creating a digitally enabled learning environment.

Wireless Solutions Provide Better Bandwidth Utilization

Every year Districts connect with more devices, use a variety of new applications, consume more bandwidth than ever before, and create more problems for busy technology professionals.

Bandwidth demands are projected to grow exponentially but Wireless Solutions can help by taking a holistic approach to Bandwidth Utilization and Management to ensure your District is Always On!

Wireless Solutions Turn District Technology
Challenges into Positive Outcomes

Managing Bandwidth - 6 Month Checkup
Network Analysis/ Assessment
Cabling & Audio/Video
Infrastructure Architecture
Access Points
Network Configuration
Database Management
Server Management
Hardware Selection
Hardware Sales
Hardware Leasing
Internet Security/Firewall
Wireless Roadmap Development

High Tech. High Touch.

More Mobility & Collaboration
Students can roam throughout the school without losing their connection, making it easier to share and collaborate.
Improved Access to Information
Teachers, students, and administrative staff will have access to communication, lesson plans, documents, and applications when and where it is needed.
Innovative, Affordable Information
School Leadership can trust that they have access to the very best and latest technology at an affordable price.
Future-Proof Thinking
IT Professionals can be confident that their Wi-Fi infrastructure will support the influx of mobile devices along with the bandwidth-hungry applications running on them.
Seamless Technology Integration
From planning to periodic system check-ups and everything in between, you will have technology experts who are just a contact away.

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