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Only 38% of Organizations Claim that they are Equipped to Handle a Complex Cyber Attack

What's the True Cost of Cyber Crime?


Our K-12 Focused Cybersecurity Solution Anticipates, Mitigates and Protects.

Why We're Different

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24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

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K-12 Focused Awareness and Policy Training

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Next Generation Security Software

Next-Level Alignment Equals a Defense in Depth

Gain Peace of Mind with Best Practice Alignment

At Forward Edge, we understand the critical importance of cybersecurity in the education sector, especially in K-12 districts where young learners and sensitive data are involved. That's why we've taken a proactive approach to safeguarding our districts' data and systems by aligning our layered cybersecurity approach to the industry-leading NIST and CIS frameworks.

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Our Comprehensive Solution

A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity

Transform your district's cybersecurity posture with next generation solutions designed to address the increasing threat to school finances, sensitive data and operational and instructional integrity. Our solution Protects, Detects, and Responds.





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Implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in District Environments

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Multi-Factor Authentication for Access to Email

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Multi-Factor Authentication for Administrative Access

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Multi-Factor Authentication for Remote Network Access

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Multi-Factor Authentication for Infrastructure


Why MFA is Critical in School Environments

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Does Your School Need Answers?

Forward Edge Can Help!

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Assess Threats

  • Understand your District’s Cyber Risk exposure from our 180+ question Assessment aligned to nationally recognized NIST and CIS standards
  • Conduct a Dark Web Scan to identify sensitive data that has already been compromised
  • Run Phishing Campaigns to gauge security awareness training needs
  • Review findings of Vulnerability Scans to learn current exposure risks within your network
  • Check your district’s website for security vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate your District’s current technology environment and align policies to industry best practices

Plan to Protect

  • Analysis of where your district stands on 18 risk categories
  • Discovery of blind spots in your security posture
  • Evaluation of risk mitigation strategies to meet district needs
  • Insight into possible threat actors and vulnerabilities
  • A Roadmap containing reporting and in-depth recommendations
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"Our district has taken measures to reduce our exposure to the threat of cyber crime this year throught the deployment of Forward Edge's Managed Cybersecurity Solutions. Their solution is comprehensive, and includes 24/7 event log monitoring, analysis, and alerting, vulnerability scanning, and anti-phishing education for our staff, all of which to help improve our overall cyber security posture"

Director of Technology of an Ohio Career Center

Ensure Your District Qualifies for Cyber Liability Insurance!

Empower your district with Forward Edge's expertise to develop and execute a Cybersecurity Enhancement plan, ensuring eligibility for Cyber Liability Insurance.

The Numbers Don't Lie!

95% of Cybersecurity Breaches are caused by Human Error.

Data Breaches account for 36% of Reported Cyber Attacks on Schools

77% of Organizations don’t have Full- Time Employees Dedicated to Security.

Finance Cybersecurity with CRRSA & ARP Act Funds!


  • Cybersecurity Risk Audits

  • Penetration Testing

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  • Phishing Threat Simulations

  • User Awareness Training

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  • Security Operations Center

  • 24/7 Alerts and Live Monitoring

  • vCISO

  • Policy Support

  • NIST and CIS Alignment

  • Forensics and Remediation

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Critical Infrastructure


  • SIEM

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Intrusion Detection/ Prevention

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • 3:2:1 Backups

  • MFA / PAM / Password Management

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