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87% of School Districts and Higher Education have Experienced AT LEAST One Successful Cyberattack.

What's the True Cost of Cyber Crime?


Our K-12 Focused Cybersecurity Solution Anticipates, Mitigates and Protects.

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24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

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K-12 Focused Awareness and Policy Training

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Next Generation Security Software

Our Comprehensive Solution

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

A Critical Element in Defending Districts from Cybercrime

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Does Your School Need Answers?

Forward Edge Can Help!

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Assess Threats

  • Understand your District’s Cyber Risk exposure from our 180+ question Assessment aligned to nationally recognized NIST and CIS standards
  • Conduct a Dark Web Scan to identify sensitive data that has already been compromised
  • Run Phishing Campaigns to gauge security awareness training needs
  • Review findings of Vulnerability Scans to learn current exposure risks within your network
  • Check your district’s website for security vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate your District’s current technology environment and align policies to industry best practices

Plan to Protect

  • Analysis of where your district stands on 18 risk categories
  • Discovery of blind spots in your security posture
  • Evaluation of risk mitigation strategies to meet district needs
  • Insight into possible threat actors and vulnerabilities
  • A Roadmap containing reporting and in-depth recommendations
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