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Student safety is a major concern for schools and parents.

As incidents of violent crimes, bullying, intrusion, and negligence continue, highly effective security solutions become critical. Without adequate security measures, the safety of your students and your District’s integrity can be at risk.

Have you Applied for the Ohio Attorney General's Office Security Linking Grant?

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office Technology Linking grant is for crisis-response or prevention technology designed to alert law enforcement of potential safety breaches on school property. Grants will be provided for up to $30,000 per District (one building or multiple buildings within a School District but only one grant per District will be awarded). Grant Applications will be accepted from Oct. 1st through Nov. 30th!

Boost Your School's Safety Initiatives!

Forward Edge will cover the cost of the Vulnerability Assessment. Reach out to us for more information.

The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission  (OFCC) in coordination with the division of Ohio Homeland Security of the Department of Public Safety is authorized to make competitive grant awards of up to $100,000 to public schools for eligible security improvements that assist the schools to improve the overall security and safety of their buildings.

As a requirement for the grant, eligible schools are required to submit a Vulnerability Assessment, developed by Ohio Homeland Security and OFCC, performed by experienced personnel (security professionals, law enforcement, or military).

Forward Edge is an OFCC Technology Designer, and We Offer Effective K-12 Security Programs That Work!  

We have been equipping educational institutions with video IP, CCTV systems, security cameras, access control and other surveillance essentials for years. Our school surveillance systems increase safety and security for students and faculty, protecting the resources that matter most.

We will work with you to carefully design a video surveillance and access control solution. Our solutions will deter crime and violence by limiting the opportunity and exposing vulnerabilities to negative influences. Our solutions will be on-budget, scalable, and perform to expectations. Count on our innovative team of experts to provide a complete suite of services.

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