AI Thought Leaders: Policy and Literacy Cohorts

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Exploring AI Frontiers with Forward Edge

Elevate your school or district with cutting-edge AI literacy training designed specifically for  K-12 educators. Transform how your teachers engage with technology, enhance student learning, and lead with innovation. Our AI Literacy Program offers a comprehensive, year-long professional development journey, meticulously tailored to empower educators with the knowledge and skills to integrate artificial intelligence into their teaching practices effectively.

Our program combines in-person group sessions, 1:1 coaching, and networking opportunities to foster AI literacy in your staff, structured around the unique rhythms of the academic year to ensure maximum impact without overwhelming the participants.

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"You will not be replaced by AI, but our students and children will be competing with those who know how to leverage AI to do more with less."

-Matthäus Huelse, AI Operations Specialist at Forward Edge

Anticipated Outcomes: What You'll Acheive

  • Building AI LiteracyTeams will gain critical knowledge about AI and its impact on education. Participants will learn the skills to teach and implement AI safely and ethically.
  • Grow AI Skills - Build capacity for utilizing AI to enhance teaching, and productivity. AI skills will be implemented through personalized guidance, projects, and coaching.
  • AI Policy CreationTeams will draft and design AI policies that match your community and values. Participants will be equipped to lead responsible AI integration.
  • Leadership and CollaborationGrow leadership skills and empower your educators to be AI experts. Create collaborative environments that work for your community and are built by your community.
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Explore Our Schedule: Key Topics and Session Details

 The AI Thought Leader Program is designed to elevate the AI literacy of K-12 educators, library media specialists, and other curriculum leaders over the course of seven months, from September to March. The following topics will be covered throughout the year, while addressing specific needs and use-cases for teachers, as they arise, to ensure AI is not only learned, but also used effectively.

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September 5th, 2024

Foundations of AI and Best Practices for LLMs

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October 3rd, 2024

Personalized Learning and Feedback

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October 31st, 2024

Ethics and
AI Policy

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December 5th, 2024

Creating Differentiated and Accessible Lessons

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January 9th, 2025

Teaching Frameworks and Content Creation

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February 6th, 2025

Teaching AI and
Student Use

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March 6th, 2025

Bringing it All

Building Blocks of Success: Our Program Structure

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1 on 1 coaching (7)
1 on 1 coaching (6)
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Tailor Your Training: Multi-District or Personalized Cohorts


The Multi-District Cohort

This option contains all learning sessions hosted at Forward Edge, with participants receiving a dedicated time to schedule coaching and support. Participants will collaborate with other attendees, learn through activities, as well as take part in networking in reflection sessions virtually.

The Personalized Cohort

This option is ideal for school teams of up to 20 teachers and staff. This program will include personalized session content that aligns with school/district goals, as well as structured coaching cycles for each participant. The instructor will guide the creation of AI policies, resources, and collaborative spaces that match your school’s needs, and that are designed to grow AI capacity beyond the participants of the program.

Teaching Frameworks and Content Creation (1)

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