AI Thought Leader Groups: A Lunch & Learn Series

The 2nd AI Cohort is SOLD OUT!

Exploring AI Frontiers with Forward Edge

Let's embrace AI's potential together, paving the way for a future of enhanced learning and leading. RSVP now for the Lunch & Learn Series powered by Forward Edge and be part of the transformative journey that is reshaping education in our region. 


Why Attend?

  • Empowerment: Acquire the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about AI's role in your district.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded district leaders, fostering collaboration and idea exchange beyond the event.
  • Insights: Gain exclusive insights into cutting-edge AI trends and applications.
  • Practicality: Obtain actionable strategies and frameworks to integrate AI into your district's operations.

The cost of Registration is $100 per person. Upon registration, Forward Edge will invoice the billing contact for the total number of participants for the Teacher Leaders group AND the total number of participants for the District Leaders group.

We accept registration fees in the form of a P.O. or credit card (credit card requires an additional 3% fee). Registration fees must be paid in full, or a P.O. made out to Forward Edge, no later than one day prior to the first session.

Location: All sessions are held in-person at Forward Edge's main office: 2724 E Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241.

Our 2nd Cohort is officially at capacity and we cannot accept more participants at this time. Stay tuned for updates from us, as we are opening potential future cohorts and additional programs.

AI lunch & learns powered by Forward Edge


AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we teach and learn, offering new opportunities for personalization and efficiency.

Our series of Lunch & Learns, directed at district leaders, aims to introduce how to use AI for admin-specific tasks, build AI literacy, and give the necessary frameworks and best practices to navigate AI.

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AI for Productivity and Data Analysis

September 12th, 2023

12:00-1:00pm EST (lunch will be provided)

We will explore the ways that AI can boost your productivity, present new AI tools, and explore its ability to help analyze and visualize data. We will learn what AI the role of AI can be for teachers and end with a discussion on the way we need to pivot as a school.

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AI for Teacher Reviews and Professional Development

October 13th, 2023

12:00-1:00pm EST (lunch will be provided)

This session focuses on using AI tools and strategies to help you streamline your teacher review process. Learn how to transcribe your observations in a flash and create individualized development plans.

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AI Systems and School Adoption

January 19th, 2024

12:00-1:00pm EST (lunch will be provided) 

With AI products flooding the market, it is important to know how to make an informed decision about integrating or building a new service. We will explore the tools that are out there and discuss the intricacies of building versus buying.

Save the Date(s): Second Cohort Admin Track Information!

  • AI for Productivity and Data Analysis: December 11th, 2023  |  12:00-1:00pm EST
  • AI for Teacher Reviews and Professional Development: January 11th, 2024  |  12:00-1:00pm EST
  • AI Systems and School Adoption: February 23rd, 2024  |  12:00-1:00pm EST

"You will not be replaced by AI, but our students and children will be competing with those who know how to leverage AI to do more with less."

-Matthäus Huelse, AI Operations Specialist at Forward Edge


With a focus on guided practice, this 4-course curriculum empowers participants to make informed decisions about AI policy and incorporate AI tools and workflows in their roles, fostering AI literacy within their communities and influencing policy decisions collectively. Meetings will take place at Forward Edge and/or at participating school districts.By the end, teachers will have the necessary AI literacy, to make decisions on their own classroom policies.

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Introduction to AI

September 15th, 2023

12:00-3:00pm EST (lunch will be provided)

Participants will learn about different types of AI systems, including Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and logic-based assistants. The session will cover how to access AI systems and discuss the implications of AI in schools.

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Boosting Productivity with AI

November 17th, 2023

12:00-3:00pm EST (lunch will be provided)

Participants will learn about the anatomy of a prompt and the elements to consider when using ChatGPT. The session will provide specific use cases for teachers and materials they can use right away in their own classrooms.

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Applying AI to Your Work

January 23rd, 2024

12:00-3:00pm EST (lunch will be provided)

In this session, participants will learn how to apply AI to their work using ChatGPT webchat or the ChatGPT sheets extension. The session will cover three main topics: AI applications for research, reading, and writing.

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AI Policy Workshop

April 9th, 2024

12:00-3:00pm EST (lunch will be provided)

This session will aim to develop a clear and comprehensive AI policy. Through multiple activities and discussions, participants will collaboratively draft a section of the AI policy that defines acceptable and unacceptable AI use.

Save the Date(s): Second Cohort Teacher Leader Track Information!

  • Introduction to AI: December 8th, 2023  |  12:00-3:00pm EST
  • Boosting Productivity with AI: February 2nd, 2024  |  12:00-3:00pm EST
  • Applying AI to Your Work: March 1st, 2024  |  12:00-3:00pm EST
  • AI Policy Workshop: April 5th, 2024  | 12:00-3:00pm EST


AI-Con: Be an icon at our AI-Con! Join us for our 2 day conference! We will have teacher leaders present their work on AI, introduce tools and ideas, and celebrate the creativity and innovation inside our districts. This event is open to your entire staff.