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K-12 Curriculum Integration Assessments

Teacher's Roles are Changing

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ISTE Standards define the new skills and pedagogical insights educators need to teach, work and engage students .

Finding the time for teachers to embrace technology is difficult.

  • Getting ongoing training on ever-evolving classroom technology.
  • Learning how to implement what is learned during training.
  • Fully leveraging the power of Technology to fully engage students.

Our technology integration professionals and former educators offer Assessments that include questions related to preparedness for New ISTE Teaching Standards.

Our other partner schools have successfully used their assessment to receive grants, such as the Ohio Straight A Fund and present to their Board of Education.

A Technology Integration Assessment to Transform Your District!

Premium Assessment

Choose our Premium Assessment which provides you with the resources to create a clear, comprehensive roadmap forward.

How does it Work?

Our Assessment provides district leadership with the data they need for fact-based go-forward decision making. After the survey is administered we will give you the data to make your own conclusions and improvements to curriculum and integration based off the data collected in the assessment.

You also Recieve

  • A written report from highly trained education professionals with short and long term recommendations for your district.
  • A personalized webpage for your school with easy to read data to share with District Leadership & Teachers. Each teacher’s data is private.

As Google for Education Professional Development Partners, we utilize this assessment to guide districts in making systematic changes in visioning, district learning approach, professional development, technology, sustainability, budgeting, and culture!

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