Technical Lunch & Learn Series

Exploring Technical Topics with Forward Edge

You asked, we answered! Join us for our lunch & learn series centered around technical topics ranging from cybersecurity, to security compliance, Wi-Fi6E, integrating IoT, and more! Our sessions are crafted by engineers, for engineers, ensuring every moment is packed with technical insights, practical advice, and the latest trends in educational technology that matter to you.

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Why Attend?

  • IT-Focused Insights: Acquire practical knowledge and solutions directly applicable to optimizing IT operations within educational settings, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with like-minded IT professionals from various educational institutions, facilitating collaboration, idea exchange, and the opportunity to expand your professional network.
  • Real Solutions, No Fluff: Keep abreast of the latest strategies to enhance your school's learning environment. Every session is packed with actionable insights that you can apply directly to your work.
  • Enjoy and Learn: Who says professional development can't be enjoyable? Learn in a relaxed atmosphere where your growth is the only agenda.

Cost: FREE!

Location: All sessions are held in-person at Forward Edge's main office: 2724 E Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241.

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AN EXCLUSIVE LEARNING OPPortunity FOR Engineers and IT Staff


As stewards of your school's technology, you face unique challenges. From safeguarding student data to ensuring seamless virtual classrooms, our topics are chosen to resonate with your daily realities and aspirations.

Our series of Lunch & Learns, directed for IT professionals and engineers, aims to guide you in the rapidly evolving world of educational technology. Staying ahead means embracing continuous learning and collaboration. This exclusive series was crafted by our engineering team specifically for the more technical-focused minds manning school infrastructures.

*Topics and Dates are Subject to Change*

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The Life of an Alert: Inside a SOC and NOC

March 21st, 2024

11:30-1:00pm EST

(lunch will be provided)

Join Kehlan Rutan, Senior Information Security Officer at Xpel by Forward Edge as he provides a behind-the-scenes look into the Life of an Alert.  The presentation will feature a demonstration of an actual disruption to a live attack sequence and detail affected assets, potential impact, investigation steps, containment measures, eradication techniques and post-incident analysis.  Then, join K-12 network engineering professionals William Cirone, CIO, and Chris Infante, Director of Engineering from Forward Edge as they highlight the value of proactive monitoring and incident prevention from the perspective of a professionally staffed Network Operations Center.

Setting up your Google Admin Console for Success

May 16th, 2024

11:30-1:00pm EST

(lunch will be provided) 

There are so many settings- and new settings- available in the admin console. Understanding the differences in licensing tiers as well as what to enable and adjust can make a huge impact on the classroom.

Integrating IoT in Schools

July 18th, 2024

11:30-1:00pm EST

(lunch will be provided) 

The role of IoT (Internet of Things) in modernizing school facilities, improving security, and enhancing the learning environment.

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Wi-Fi 6E and Network Infrastructure Upgrades

September 19th, 2024

11:30-1:00pm EST

(lunch will be provided)

Discussing the importance of robust network infrastructure in schools, including the benefits of Wi-Fi 6E for high-density environments like classrooms.

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IT Security Compliance in Education

November 21st, 2024

11:30pm-1:00pm EST (lunch will be provided)

Understanding the regulatory landscape, including compliance with laws such as FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act).

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"Cyber risks shouldn't keep you up at night. By becoming more cyber secure, you can rest easy. Gain the knowledge and tools needed to protect yourself and your organization. It's an investment in your peace of mind."

- Chris Infante, Director of Engineering and Managed Services