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We strive to cultivate relationships and share our collective strengths, so that we help people grow and have a positive impact on those around them.

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We Have Purpose

Forward Edge Instructional Design Coaches are passionate educators and technology enthusiasts who facilitate industry-best learning programs. They benefit schools at all levels - from classroom teachers to district-level administrators - by offering job-embedded instructional guidance, engaging professional development, and goal-oriented supports. Our coaches lean on their experience, friendly demeanor, and "people first" approach to enhance the great teaching and learning happening in your district!

We Impact Others

The Impact of Coaching

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Internal Department Growth Since 2019
Transfer to the Classroom
Local Educators Coached
Students Impacted by Coaching Cycles Each Year

We Provide Value

Forward Edge Instructional Design Coaches support everyone in the district to which they are assigned. Our coaches:

Drive Instructional Coaching

  • Offer real-time, in-person teaching support
  • Facilitate one-on-one coaching cycles

Promote District Goal Alignment

  • Connect school stakeholders together
  • Meet with admin to advance district goals

Lead Professional Development

  • Design/deliver sessions at in-service days
  • Implement year-long learning programs

Spark Innovation District-Wide

  • Research cutting-edge tools/strategies
  • Model teaching and learning best practices

WHat Can Forward Edge Coaches Do For You?

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Add an Instructional Coach to Your District!

We Support Everyone


From a Principal:  "Emily is always willing to help, and she is realistic about what our teachers can implement...I value her feedback in making technology decisions."


From a Classroom Teacher: "Annamarie is a valued member of our community...she's encouraged me to try new things for the betterment of my students' learning."


From a School Counselor: "I work in the guidance office and Torie totally gets what I'm trying to do! She is a great addition -- always smiling and friendly!"

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