Wireless Bandwidth & Infrastructure Solutions

15 Million Students

in K-12 public schools across the nation are impacted by the digital divide.

Image of Teacher Showing Students How to Use VR Headsets

More than 75% of state and local student digital divide efforts will expire in the next 1-3 years.

-Common Sense Media

It’s Difficult for Districts to Stay Ahead of Changing Technology & Network Infrastructure Needs

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Students in Class

Everyday, School Districts are:

  • Struggling with access to technology and reliable Wi-Fi
  • Connecting with more wireless devices
  • Using a variety of new applications
  • Consuming more bandwidth than ever before

Students and Teachers Need:

  • An adequate number of network access points to provide high-speed internet service across the district
  • Equitable access to online learning (Internet-enabled devices that allow for assignment completion, exterior Wi-Fi coverage, etc.)
  • High-quality instructional content to support the needs of all students
  • Ongoing technical support and instructional resources to address teacher readiness and digital literacy

Forward Edge is Focused on Education’s Ability to Teach its Students Effectively

Let Us Architect Your District’s Network Infrastructure to Ensure You’re Prepared for Modern Digital Learning Environments

Bandwidth Management 6 Mo Checkup

Network Audit & Analysis

Infrastructure Architecture

Cabling & Audio/Video

Cloud & Controllers


Access Point Evaluation

Network Configuration

Database Management

Server Management

Hardware Selection

Hardware Sales

Hardware Leasing


Internet Security / Firewall

Wireless Roadmap Development