We know asking your boss for funding or resources can be tricky. We've crafted this convince your boss template below that you are free to use and edit as you see fit. We hope it makes it a little bit easier when asking your school to cover the cost of Coaches Camp for you.

You can either copy and paste the text below, or make a copy of this Google Doc template. Be sure to edit any text in [brackets].

Dear [District Decision Maker],

I’d like to request your approval to attend Coaches Camp hosted by Forward Edge [on Virtually on July 22nd-24th, 2024/ on July 29th-30th, 2024 in Cincinnati, Ohio].

Coaches Camp is a multi-day professional development experience that is designed specifically for instructional coaches. There are a multitude of training opportunities available for the teachers that I serve, but I have found that quality professional development for individuals in my position is nearly non-existent. As a coach who is responsible for facilitating the growth of so many other individuals and shaping the student learning experience, I believe that it is vital to continuously hone my coaching skills and equip myself with the best strategies to support the educators of our district. Coaches Camp is just the opportunity I’ve been looking for to fill this need.

Attending Coaches Camp will not only contribute to my professional growth, but will also exponentially improve the quality of support I provide our teaching staff and consequently positively impact the instruction that our students receive.

Over the course of this multi-day training, the Coaches Camp agenda offers core sessions including topics such as;

  • Systemic Thinking for Coaches
  • Achieving Deep Professional Growth through Formal Coaching Cycles
  • Maximizing the Benefits of Coaching Programs through Admin & Coach Partnerships
  • Data-Informed Coaching Practices

In addition, Coaches Camp also offers several choice sessions, allowing me to align my agenda to the specific needs of our district and coaching program.

All Coaches Camp sessions are centered on creating sustainable coaching programs that achieve systemic transformation. I am looking forward to using the skills I develop at coaches camp to create a coaching program that drives our district’s goals and initiatives forward in an effective and sustainable way. I foresee this being especially helpful in our efforts to:

  • [Building/district goal initiative]
  • [Building/district goal initiative]
  • [Building/district goal initiative]

I am excited about the impact this training could have on our district and instruction. The district’s investment in this multi-day professional learning experience will directly benefit the [x amount] of teachers that I support and in turn the [x amount] of students that receive instruction from them. Not to mention, will equip me to implement a coaching program that achieves systemic change in our long-term goals mentioned above. The registration fee for Coaches Camp is $500.

Thank you for considering this professional learning opportunity. I look forward to answering any questions you may have and discussing the benefits of this event in more detail soon.