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A podcast for coaches, hosted by instructional design coaches and former teachers. Press the restart button and charge your coaching batteries with us!


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"I always think of the 4Cs as my guidepost for PD development... If I'm doing all of those, or my educators are in my session, they are engaging in really authentic learning." 
-Brooke Conklin, E12

"Our role is not just working one-on-one with teachers, but shifting the entire climate in a building."
-Emily Cowan, E13

"My title might be technology coach but... when I walk around the building I don't want to see a Chromebook in the face of every kid, every second of the day, I want to see creation... where the technology is just supporting it."
-Andrea Carovillano, E5

"You want to be dependable... Even if you're not the person to fix it, they know they can go to you to get the right direction."
-Tyler Erwin, E4

"The thing that I love about Canva is that it's so intuitive and easy to use, you just start playing, and you're going to find all sorts of hidden treasures." -Trisha Richmond, S2 E17

"Be forgetful but not forgettable."
-Adam Juarez, S2 E18

"Time to explore and create is critical... to make PD stick!"
-Lisa Kuhn, E12

"Look out for upcoming trends and patterns. Education is always changing, there are always new opportunities that you can bring to your district and new digital tools that may support what's going on there... You want to look for the new stuff that can bring value to the district."-Tyler Erwin, S2 E9

"We really need to figure out where they are first before we dive in and try to push these changes."
-Lisa Kuhn, E6

"Be flexible and open-minded..."
-Amy Garrett, S2 E12

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