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About Us

Forward Edge was founded in 2005 on the idea that technology is the key to unlocking the potential of every student. To this day, we are determined to provide K-12 technology solutions that empower schools to reach tomorrow's learners. Forward Edge believes that every student deserves access to the tools and resources they need to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances. We understand that technology can level the playing field and give every student a chance to thrive, and we are passionate about making that a reality.

We're a team of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who have come together to make an impact on education. Almost a third of our staff comes from the education world as former teachers or administrators. As you work with our team, you'll quickly realize that we're more than just a vendor. We come to work each day wanting to help districts reach their goals. With the guidance of Forward Edge, our partner districts are able to implement technology solutions that transform the way they educate.

We understand that schools want to provide high-performing and safe learning environments for students, staff, and their communities. Leaders need innovative resources for their districts and staff support that will result in high-quality outcomes for students. It's hard to know which solutions you should implement next when you're up against budget constraints, teacher turnover, the increased need for security, the widening student achievement gap, and more.

We get it.

That's why we exist.

We help solve the complex challenges you are facing and support your district.

We are here to help. We offer a wide range of solutions designed to support you while enhancing the learning experience for all students and staff. These solutions include, but are not limited to, Partnered Managed Services, Cybersecurity, On-Site Support, Curriculum and Integration Services, and professional development for educators through Edge•U Badges. In your district's journey towards success, we're here to serve as your trusted guide - and we wouldn't want it any other way.

What Our Customers Say

“They continually go the extra mile to make everything go smoothly. In every interaction with your staff, they have been professional and exceeded my expectations with their thoroughness and efficiency.”

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”I recommend them to others whenever the opportunity arises, they are my ‘go to’ company for IT services, purchasing, advisement and support.”

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“A consistent, positive, reliable partner for our district. They stay true to their commitments from a price and service perspective.”

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“The Forward Edge training helped me gain the confidence to become a Google Certified Trainer. I’m so excited that I now have the opportunity to train others, and get more teachers excited about G-Suite and the unlimited potential of Google tools!”

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Why We are Different!

Exceptional Customer Experience. Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Forward Edge as Future Ready Consultants

With over 3400+ schools districts across the nation taking the pledge to become Future Ready Schools, Forward Edge is committed to providing Future Ready consulting services to help districts implement innovative learning practices. To do this, our Future-Ready Thought Leader on staff works with district leaders on the Future Ready Assessment and facilitates discussion and implementation of district-wide initiatives from the curriculum, to professional development, to a robust infrastructure, to budget and resources, to data and privacy, and more.

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