Edge•U Badges: Tech & Learning’s “Best Tools for Back to School” Winner for Primary and Secondary Education!

In a technology-focused society, there are numerous online programs and products dedicated to providing educators and students with the best possible learning experiences to help them reach their full potential.  As the 2023-2024 school year has begun, Tech & Learning has announced its Awards of Excellence Program, ‘The Best Tools for Back to School,’ designed…

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Making Instruction Accessible to Diverse Learners with Technology

Image of Making Technology Accessible on Zoom Call

Distance learning has made it feel to many teachers like they cannot effectively help their former physically-present students. This is exacerbated by the stress of adapting to an online-only environment and changing their coursework to fit within that context. These changes can prove to be challenging for all students, but especially those who receive significant…

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The Problem with Distance Learning & How Forward Edge Can Help

Image of Student Distance Learning with Laptop and Headset

Everybody knows that the response to the coronavirus is to socially distance, wear a mask, and stay away from others when possible. Unfortunately, that caused many school districts to close from April until the end of the school year. Some teachers found it challenging to catch up with the overnight shift from in-person class to…

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