Edge•U Badges: Tech & Learning’s “Best Tools for Back to School” Winner for Primary and Secondary Education!

In a technology-focused society, there are numerous online programs and products dedicated to providing educators and students with the best possible learning experiences to help them reach their full potential.

 As the 2023-2024 school year has begun, Tech & Learning has announced its Awards of Excellence Program, ‘The Best Tools for Back to School,’ designed to promote platforms and products that enable educators of all levels to discover their ideal methods of instruction for any work environment.

We are thrilled to announce that Edge•U Badges has been selected as a winner in both Primary and Secondary Education categories of ‘The Best Tools for Back to School’!

As judges distribute this award, they choose the candidates ‘based on their versatility, compatibility, value, and ability to address schools’ challenges and support continuous instruction,’ as stated by Tech & Learning’s Content Director, Christine Weiser. Receiving this award demonstrates Forward Edge’s ongoing dedication to providing educators and students with a thoughtful and personalized platform designed to help each educator meet their professional development goals, which can then be applied into the classroom.

What can Edge•U do for my district? 

Edge•U Badges is a powerful, instruction-focused professional learning system that adapts to the needs of educators. Edge•U builds teacher capacity and directly impacts student learning in the form of microcredentials (badges). Each Edge•U badge has been intuitively designed to support educators in all areas of technological learning. With 260+ badges to choose from, Edge•U engages educators of all skill levels in the development of edtech skills and instructional leadership.

Why Educators love Edge•U

Discover what educators are saying about our program! Dive into their Edge•U experiences with these two inspiring testimonials:

“Edge•U has impacted my students because I am better versed in a variety of technology and
features that I was not aware of before earning badges. This has helped me streamline some
processes as well as expand the variety of ways I can teach.”

“My students LOVE being exposed to new learning platforms. We learn and grow


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