The Problem with Distance Learning & How Forward Edge Can Help

Everybody knows that the response to the coronavirus is to socially distance, wear a mask, and stay away from others when possible. Unfortunately, that caused many school districts to close from April until the end of the school year. Some teachers found it challenging to catch up with the overnight shift from in-person class to online learning without access to the proper resources. Among other things, this problem is exacerbated by a lack of digital equity across student populations, especially those without adequate internet or devices.

The Problem

According to a new report from the Boston Consulting Group and Common Sense, almost 30% of all public school students who had to learn remotely are in need of adequate internet or devices for effective home learning. Most of these students live in rural districts, where long distances make physical options for remote learning much more challenging. The cost of fixing these inequalities is estimated at $6 – 11 billion in the first year. This statistic shows how important it is to start fixing the issue now, before schools are thrown back into a remote learning environment again.

Not only does this divide affect students, but teachers need equitable access to technology resources, as well. Nearly 8% of teachers lack the resources to conduct remote learning sessions. About half of these teachers do not have a device to teach from home on. When a teacher is without the right tools for the job, the negative impact of digital inequity is multiplied: entire student populations cannot learn as effectively. Empower your school districts’ teachers with the technology they need.

The Solution 

That’s where Forward Edge comes in; developing technology solutions for the education industry is what we do best! In Ohio, approximately 402,000 students lack adequate devices to complete their school work remotely. With so much experience outfitting Ohio’s schools, Forward Edge is proud to offer solutions that address these digital inequalities and prepare school districts for whatever digital plan they have for the upcoming fall. Our full range of offerings prepares teachers for the challenges of remote learning. Edge U, our micro-credentialing program, helps teachers integrate technology into the classroom (or the virtual classroom) by learning and implementing new digital tools. We also offer the hardware to support 1:1 initiatives that are required for this kind of learning. 

Forward Edge is proud to offer these products and services that help address the problem with distance learning. We draw on past experience helping school districts get the technology they need for this type of learning with every new partner. Although many schools are still making plans for fall, everyone understands how important being prepared for the digital learning future is. Let us help solve the problem with distance learning. Call Forward Edge at (513) 761-3343 or visit our website now to learn more about our offerings and how we can help address your unique needs.