K12 Instructional Design Coach (Tech Coach)

** We are seeking full time candidates in Cincinnati, Ohio. This job does not offer relocation packages, and it requires the candidate to be on-site at schools on a regular basis.**

Forward Edge empowers schools to reach tomorrow’s learners by providing technology solutions and services to schools that remove barriers to learning. Focusing 100% on Education, we understand that learning time is sacred, and we take a holistic approach to designing and implementing technologies for students, teachers, and staff. Our Curriculum & Integration (C&I) department is made up of former classroom teachers who are passionate about supporting educators to take advantage of all the benefits technology can bring to support teaching and learning. 

We have a collaborative company culture with highly motivated and driven individuals that are dedicated to mastering the latest technologies. We have built a unique environment by hiring hardworking people while cultivating highly-talented, personable professionals, driven by a passion to make a difference in the educational experience of teachers. Forward Edge is seeking to be increasingly representative of the communities we serve.

Core Values at Forward Edge:

These core values aren’t just words on a page to us, we eat, breathe and live these values every day. They serve as the guidepost for our decisions and actions. 

  • We expect excellence- We believe in being confident in our abilities while remaining humble and open to feedback. We have a saying here, “you’re not done until you’re done, done” and that just means we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results for our customers. 
  • We are problem solvers- We embrace all challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. We don’t just identify problems, we find solutions for our customers and internally at Forward Edge.
  • Relationships matter to us- Maya Angelou said it best, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
  • We are team players- We believe no one is too good to take out the trash. We are a team that supports each other, and offers to roll up our sleeves and help each other whenever needed. 
  • We believe you either grow or die- We believe in embracing change and constantly improving to stay relevant. We are never satisfied with the status quo and are always looking for ways to expand our potential and create value, individually and as an organization.  

The Forward Edge C&I Team is seeking a passionate educator with experience in instructional/educational technology to join our team of Instructional Design Coaches. This instructional design coach will work with schools in southwest Ohio to plan, develop, and implement instructional technology into instruction.

We exist to cultivate relationships and share our collective strengths, so that we help people grow and have a positive impact on those around them. We work to improve learning by being right there with you, on the ground, and in schools every day.

The Instructional Design Coach role would include, but not limited to:

  • Collaborate with the Forward Edge Curriculum Integration Team in developing and providing professional development for districts and schools around southwest and central Ohio
  • Collaborate with curriculum departments and school-level instructional staff for instructional planning, observation and feedback as needed, co-teaching, and modeling strategies for effectively integrating technology into teaching and learning
  • Mentor/coach teachers in integrating current, relevant, and meaningful technologies into their classroom from a pedagogy-first mindset
  • Design and deliver professional development for K-12 teachers as needed on the use of instructional technology and educational practices
  • Build positive relationships with all staff members in a building/district
  • Evaluate, research, and communicate relevant technology integration techniques to staff
  • Maintain a current knowledge of effective instructional and coaching pedagogies
  • Assist districts/schools with the investigation of instructional technology solutions
  • Create content for our Edge•U Badges educator professional learning platform
  • Assist with other team projects as assigned

Job Requirements/ Preferences:

  • Must have a minimum of 2 years classroom teaching experience in a K-12 classroom
  • A degree in education or instructional technology
  • Proven understanding of effective use of technology (digital curriculum, web tools, hardware, etc.) in classroom environments
  • Experience planning and leading professional development
  • Experience with Google Workspace for Education
  • One or multiple Google Certifications preferred (Google Educator Levels 1 and 2, Certified Trainer, Certified Coach, Certified Innovator)
  • Experience with Learning Management Systems, such as Schoology, Google Classroom, or Canvas, as an instructor or admin
  • Ability to work on some school holidays (i.e. President’s day) and a hybrid schedule over the summer
  • Current teaching license preferred
  • Must be highly motivated and a self-starter
  • Organization and people skills are crucial to the role
  • Ability to work with diverse populations
  • Conference travel

Application Requirements:

Please send all application requirements to the hiring team at ci-dept@forward-edge.net.

  1. Resume
  2. A cover letter OR a two-minute video introduction of yourself. We're not looking for a professional video, just a taste of who you are... let your personality shine (2-minute maximum, please)
  3. Something to represent you in the classroom or school setting highlighting your understanding of pedagogical best-practices supported by the use of technology (i.e. a portfolio, a link to a slidedeck from a training you planned, an activity you did with students, a screencast you created, etc.)

To learn more about our team, please visit our website and check out #FEK12 on Twitter.