Coach-the-Coach Webinar Mini-Series: Every Friday at 10am EST in October. Starting October 8th, 2021

A three-part "Coach the Coach" webinar mini-series made specifically for district technology coaches!

Purchase any webinar for $10, or bundle the whole three-part series for $25, and get the fourth webinar for administrators free!

Choose the “all-access bundle” on any of the three webinars for the discount on all three.

Coach-The-Coach Webinar Schedule




October 8, 2021

Part 1:

Become a District Change Agent: Align & Ignite

Often, our work as instructional coaches is viewed as its own independent silo. (Technology Coaching, Literacy Coaching, Math Coaching, Data Coaching, etc). As coaches, we know that our work actually exists in and impacts multiple areas of the educational system. Join us for part one of our three-part "Coach the Coach" webinar mini-series and explore how to align the work coaches do to already-established district and building goals and initiatives to drive sustainable transformation on a large scale.

October 15, 2021

Part 2:

Master the Phases of a Coaching Cycle

What do instructional technology coaching cycles look like at your school/district? If the answer is unclear, this interactive webinar is for you! Join us for part two of our three-part "Coach the Coach" webinar mini-series where we'll spill insider confessions, share practical takeaways from our coaching cycle experience, and highlight how to implement the five-step coaching model from the Google Certified Coach Curriculum! From creating a practical plan to starting coaching cycles from the ground up, you'll leave equipped and motivated to make coaching cycles a reality at your school/district!

October 22, 2021

Part 3:

Power-Up Your Professional Development

Moving from tech-tool focused PD to pedagogy-focused PD can be a tough transition for an instructional technology coach. In part three of this three-part "Coach the Coach" webinar mini-series, we will cover planning power-packed, instruction-focused PD for your teachers starting with the end goal in mind, differentiating for adult learners, and modeling instructional practices that teachers can take back to their classroom.

October 29, 2021

Bonus Webinar for Administrators:

Leverage the Impact of Instructional Coaches

Instructional coaches are powerhouses for growth that can easily go underutilized and get lost in the shuffle of new district initiatives and goals. Join us for a bonus webinar in conjunction with our "Coach the Coach" mini-series that explores how instructional coaches fit into the complex puzzle of educational systems and how administrators can utilize their specialized skillset to maximize impact in their school or district. PLEASE NOTE: This webinar is geared towards administrators who work with instructional coaches.

Must purchase any webinar, or the bundle of all 3 webinars in mini-series, to unlock this bonus webinar for administrators!