Coding Across the Curriculum

Discovery Learning in the Modern Classroom

Everyone Can (and Should) Code!

This full two-day workshop will familiarize educators with the fundamental concepts of coding, and explore how this approach impacts student achievement. Educators will experiment with various coding platforms and equipment, develop real ways to use the projects and strategies with their students.

Image of Teachers in Coding Bootcamp
Image of Teacher Helping Student on Laptop

What You Can Expect to Learn

  • How and why coding should be infused across all subject areas
  • How coding impacts achievement across all subject areas
  • Ways to use projects involving coding with your district’s students
  • Implementation strategies to use technology already available in your district
  • How to use low-tech objects that are available
  • The concepts and vocabulary of coding
  • Additional resources to expand coding education for all students

I can apply this idea to my work by remembering to notice the beauty and excitement in my students when they discover new things and meet their personal goals.

Teacher, Felicty Franklin