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Join Forward Edge for an Interactive Panel Session on Cybersecurity in K-12 Education

Cyber Threats and Cybersecurity Technology Solutions

Join subject area expert, Denise Caccavari of Forward Edge for a Cybersecurity Panel on current K-12 Education risks and how to mitigate data and monetary losses due to cyberattacks.

What to Expect:

  • Review Cyber Threats and Actors targeting the K-12 sector
  • Review Next-Generation Tools for Cybersecurity Technology Solutions:
    • Leverage next-generation cyberattack prevention software and protect your network environment with 24/7 Security Operations Center  (SOC) monitoring
    • Mitigate potential vulnerabilities across eighteen risk categories
    • Discover the escalating threats to education in a remote learning environment
    • Improve cyber hygiene through awareness training
    • Develop best practice initiatives at the administrative policy level
    • Gain knowledgeable support from an experienced team with a holistic approach to Cybersecurity
  • Q&A Time for Panelists and Participants to discuss topics covered in session
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