Digital Signage

Display Unlimited Digital Messages When News is Hot!

1. Creation

2. Setup

3. Distribution

4. Display

Access Restriction Capability

Quick Remote Setup

Inexpensive & Easy

Multiple Screens & Endless Message Changes

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Unlimited Screens and Messages.

Easy to Use & Inexpensive

In the past Digital Signage was inflexible and required expensive hardware, hefty installation charges, a dedicated administrator, propriety systems, and a dedicated network which cost $25,000 or more.

Digital Signage has changed. It allows for use of existing equipment, display on unlimited screens, set up multiple users, change messages anytime/anywhere and it costs a fraction of what it used to cost.

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Unlimited screens.
Unlimited locations.

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FREE, Cloud-Based Storage

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Fast, Remote Admin Configuration

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No Dedicated Network Required

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Easy, Quick Display Set up

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Web Based Access Anytime - Anywhere