The Power of Choice in Professional Development

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Edge•U is a program that allows educators to handpick the topics they want to learn about at their own pace, providing them with clear success criteria to measure progress, and creating a sense of personal accomplishment and excitement among all teaching professionals.

How It Works

choose a badge

Meet your classroom needs by choosing badges to complete.

learn a badge

Explore various topics that you want to learn at your own pace.

implement badges with your class

Use your new skills in your classroom to directly impact learning.

earn badges in Edge-U

Earn badges and turn your points in for contact hours & grad credit.

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Developed for Teachers to Impact Student Success

The Edge•U team consists of former educators and instructional coaches who are passionate in providing teachers with equitable access to edtech tools and strategies that directly impact student success.

With a foundation in voice and choice, each badge is thoughtfully designed to assist educators in all facets of modern instructional tools and strategies.

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Dave Gibson

Superintendent at Felicity-Franklin Schools, Ohio

"Edge•U has given teachers the ability to make personalized decisions about their professional learning while giving our admin team data to measure their progress and growth…"

Lynette Brown

Glendale Elementary, Ohio

"Edge•U has for sure had an impact on my students for the exposure. They would not have had this exposure to tech tools if I had not had exposure to Edge•U first! Some Edge•U applications I've never heard of before and so this year's class is ready for it and happy to do it!"

Angie Carrigan

Princeton City School District, Ohio

"I'm loving the Edge•U badges! I've learned so much, and it's nice to be able to do PD when it works for me. "

Jaclyn Ard

Princeton City School District, Ohio

"Absolutely love Edge•U Badges! Flexible, easy, and applicable! Going into the new year I should have more time to focus on earning badges. My goal is 100 by June!"

Latrice Hunter-Miles

Princeton City School District, Ohio

"I am having the time of my life learning. I have begun a notebook to keep track of everything that I've completed along with the instructions so that I won't forget and can use it at home!"

Lynette Brown

Glendale Elementary, Ohio

"Edge•U is AMAZING! I am growing so much as a professional and my students are the true benefactors!"

Tiffany Rexhausen

ISTE Certified Educator Cohort

"Your feedback is always so helpful and validating. It helps to know I'm going in the right direction sometimes! You are amazing, and I appreciate how you and this program are helping me grow!

Shilpa Sanghavi

ISTE Certified Educator Cohort

"I am so happy that I have signed in for Edge•U badges. Yesterday was my first day completing, learning, finishing the challenges, and earning four badges. In general, I liked the way  Edge U badges have clear goals and instructions for the badges to be earned.  I liked the extension part in each section as it challenges my thinking of how I could use these tools in my teaching practice and beyond.  The alignment of ISTE standards for educators and students makes learning more authentic and relevant to the tool. I am submitting authentic work to earn a badge and even though I started with learning the core first, there was something new I learned that I did not know before. Thank you for such a good learning opportunity."

Lori Rushing


"I love the way Edge•U makes me think and reflect on the way I teach and what I can do to improve. I am a better teacher because of what I have learned with Edge•U!"

Jennifer Mitchell

ISTE Certified Educator Cohort

"Edge•U has become my “go-to” when there is a skill I am looking to learn. As my school’s Ed Tech Integrationist, I am the 1st person teachers turn to when they need help with anything tech related. Edge U has been a great resource."

Andrea B.

ISTE Certified Educator Cohort

"This truly is a program that is relevant to today’s learners of technology. Teachers feel more comfortable using and introducing specific tools to students if they can also navigate them easily."

Lynette Brown

Glendale Elementary, Ohio

"With it being my 28th year of teaching, I definitely consider myself being old school minded in terms of the classroom, but I am also progressive and I am truly grateful that this has been afforded to me through my district because I feel it has allowed me to stay relevant. Edge•U is a way for me to stay in the game and make the pivot while still keeping the core of who I am as a teacher and how I run my classroom. It is just a phenomenal professional development opportunity!"


Educator, Michigan

"I was impressed with the variety. Edge•U has an unbelievable amount of tools. Some I knew and forgot and it was a nice refresher to have the plethora that Edge•U does is pretty impressive."

Tom Desenberg

Educator, Michigan

"I think Edge•U Badges has just given me a chance to be a lot more computer illiterate. Edge•U has been a great way for me to get the training I needed through Covid and the computers we use now are a more meaningful tool in the classroom."

Tricia Bourgeault

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"I would recommend Edge•U to a friend!  love it because I don't have to be on a set path. I think if you have any sort of technology background or enjoy learning Edge•U badges is great because it awards you for that!"

Samantha Prado

Educator, Texas

"I'm new to this and I'm really enjoying it all! It is very easy to navigate and use. I'm going to continue learning more!"

Kristen Schueneman


"I really love that I have a place to find new and unique programs that are out there without just googling and hoping I find something that may be relevant and engaging for myself and my students. It's definitely an extra bonus that I can receive continuing ed credits too!"

Tom Desenberg

Educator, Michigan

"I've been able to pass on a lot of the skills I've learned with Edge•U to my students. We think of the younger generation to be the tech-savvy generation, but they struggle with certain aspects of the basics like google suite, and they could do much more technically advanced things with video and audio, but the things they use on an everyday basis, they kind of struggle with. So Edge•U is showing me different approaches to help kids use the different apps within google. Edge•U has been a great help to me for that."

Jennifer Neubarth

ISTE Certified Educator Cohort

"Renewed passion for getting creative in the professional development I do with my teachers!"

Joey Harmon

Principal, Berean Academy, Tennessee

"Edge•U Badges makes differentiated ed tech PD simple for me to deliver to my educators."

Lynette Brown

Glendale Elementary, Ohio

"Edge•U has absolutely impacted my teaching. I felt I was at a crossroads in my 28th year in terms of how to stay reconfigured and how to stay current and relevant with today's learners. My journey started during Covid in terms of taking technology to the next level. The Edge•U badges is just another extension of that because you can do it on your time and at your own pace. The videos are fantastic, you can stop, go back, and retry it, review and all those good things, and then implement it! So amazing!"

Kathy Frye

Felicity-Franklin Schools, Ohio

"This is truly a program that is relevant to today's learners of technology. Teachers feel much more comfortable using and introducing specific programs to students if they can navigate it easily as well."

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