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How Does It Work?

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  • Educators log into the Edge•U website
  • Search by ISTE Standards to solve a problem of practice
  • View available badges
  • Points are given when badges are earned
  • Participants move up levels as they earn more badges and points; turn in those points for Contact Hours or Graduate Credits
  • Teachers can share their progress with their colleagues to grow their PLN

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use!

Allows teachers to learn at their own pace, provides them with clear success criteria to measure progress, and creates a sense of personal accomplishment and excitement among all teaching professionals.


Edge•U has given teachers the ability to make personalized decisions about their professional learning, while giving our admin team data to measure their progress and growth…

Dave Gibson, Superintendent at Felicity-Franklin

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This is truly a program that is relevant to today’s learners of technology. Teachers feel much more comfortable using and introducing certain programs to students if they can navigate it easily as well.

Kathy Frye, Ed.D, Curriculum Director at Felicity-Franklin

Personalize Your District's Program

Integrate with Your Coaching Staff

Fully Administered – The Program can seamlessly fit into your district’s existing plans by freeing up your Coaching Staff to focus on bigger picture learning initiatives rather than day-to-day solutions

Aligns Well with Other Professional Learning – This self-directed program allows Educators to learn at their own pace and doesn’t interfere with other District Programs

Personalized Materials – Participants will be able to choose what they learn based on their personal interests and subject areas then gain badges and certificates that mark their progress in the program

Develop Your Coaching Program with Forward Edge

Effortless Implementation – We will act as your Professional Development Team to champion implementation and administration

Creates Focus and Excitement – Create a heightened focus on the importance of ongoing Professional Learning through teacher’s choice & practical classroom application

Tangible Measure of Your District’s Accomplishments – This program provides badges for reaching key levels of success that are highly visible and create a sense of accomplishment

I was in the test group for Skycrest Christian School and I returned for the training today. I honestly just showed up to tell my teammates how incredible this program is! In 17 years of being a classroom educator, this is by far the best PD format ever! Bite-sized, manageable, applicable ways to implement tech in the classroom to help students stay engaged and focused. I am your biggest cheerleader!!

Jill DuBois, Teacher at Skycrest Christian School in Clearwater, FL

Anytime, Anywhere & Approved.

Edge•U is a program that allows teachers to pick the topics they want to learn about, gives them the opportunity to learn the tools and skills on their own time, at their own pace, and awards badges to participants for applying various topics in the classroom. We're partners with Ashland University, and the program is approved through the University, which permits teachers to turn in their points for Contact Hours and Graduate Credits!

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Interested in Having a Badge Created for Your Tech Tool?

Edge•U Badges break down popular and useful educational tools and strategies into bite-sized micro credentials that educators can implement inside their classroom. Do you have a tech tool you would like to be highlighted through Edge•U? Click the button to apply!