Technology Integration Bootcamp

Become A Technology Dynamo

Receive two graduate credit hours at our 4-day Bootcamp featuring Google Apps for Education and various other web tools specific to education. Split into two-day chunks to allow teachers to implement some of what they learn and come back with questions, educators will learn the productivity apps and interactive tools that inspire classroom engagement and collaboration. Decide to hold this bootcamp on-site, or visit us, the choice is yours!

What To Expect.



Day 1

Google Drive Review (1 hour)
Review of the basics in Google Drive: logging in, uploading files, creating new files and sharing documents. We will also focus on organization within Google Drive, so you’re not spending the whole year looking for a student’s assignment!

Google Tools to Make Your Life Better (2 hours)
The initial session will cover the power of Google Docs, from one-click set up to creating custom search engines to websites you visit. You will also learn various add-ons in Docs, Sheet and Forms. Increase efficiency and classroom engagement through Google Docs.

Breakout EDU (2 hours)
This session will open up endless opportunities to create teamwork, problem-solving scenarios, critical thinking exercises and trouble shooting skills, through a series of customized games. Breakout EDU creates engaging learning games for people for all ages. Specialty K-12 Breakouts can be used in all content areas and have embedded standards that apply problem solving strategies in real world or collaborative context.

Day 2

Google Forms (2 hours)
Google Forms are an efficient way to collect and share information, such as student or parent contact info, assessments, and so much more. Bring your own content and learn how to create and distribute new forms and assessments. Learn functionality tools like Auto Grade and other add-ons in this informative session.

Video Tools (2 hours)
Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Today, people turn to video when they want to learn something new. Video is a powerful way to enhance instruction. In this session, we will learn about a handful of simple video creation tools, that allow you to create your own screencasts, embed questions throughout a video, and create a professional looking video out of pictures or video clips. You will also learn about editing and playlist features of YouTube.

Free Web Tools for Assistive Technology (1 hour)
Learn about different free assistive technologies that can be used on Chromebooks. These technologies assist students who need text read to them or have trouble typing. We will also cover how to clear unnecessary content off webpages to enhance student focus as well as other Google tools and free tools available on the web to assist you.

Incorporating Google Maps Across Disciplines (1 hour)
Google Maps has a number of powerful tools for the classroom that inspire creativity and enhance engagement across disciplines. Use Tour Builder, equipped with pictures and videos of real places, to solve math equations of real places, such as finding the area of the Red’s baseball stadium. Collaborate on a Map to plot the journey of a character in a novel read in English class to better understand the character’s travels and triumphs. Use Google Street View or Cardboard in Science class to take a 360-degree tour of hanging glaciers without students ever leaving their seats.

Day 3

Web Tools to Collect Immediate Formative Feedback & Gather Data (2 hour)
You use data to inform your students every day. During this session, learn how to use these tools to collect feedback, and address misconceptions during class. We will cover a number of tools that are great for on the spot formative assessments. Bring your class content and your own devise to set up Kahoot, Plickers, Nearpod, and other tools.

Student Collaboration Tools (2 hour)
Today’s student must know how to collaborate effectively. In this session we will cover a number of tools students can use to collaborate with one another, including Google Docs, Sheets and Drawings for mind maps and graphic organizers.

I want students to create something other than a PowerPoint or Google Presentation! (2 hour)
Give your students the opportunity to create something unique and express creativity without the limits of PowerPoint or Google Slide. In this session we will learn a handful of other sites that can be used in place of a presentation, such as ThingLink, Piktochart, Smore.

Day 4

Going Global in Your Classroom: Tools to Collaborate with other Teachers & Students (2 hour)
The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has developed internationally accepted standards for technology use and skills for students, teachers, administrators, coaches and computer science teachers, which all have a component about connecting and collaborating with people from other cultures on a global scale. This session will give you resources and tools to get you started with global collaboration projects by looking at collaborative features in Google Docs and Google Hangouts, resources to find other classrooms, and types of projects you could do with those classrooms. *Trainer recommendation: Also attend Student Collaboration Tools.

Web Tools for Every Grade and Subject Area (2 hour)
There are many web tools that can be used in any subject at any grade level in any tech setting- 1:1 or only a teacher device. Come to this session to learn about and explore some of these web tools. You will also have time to build some lessons with these tools. Tools we will explore include: Pixton, Jeopardy Labs, Symbaloo, TodaysMeet and more!

Guided Work Time (2 hour)
It is difficult to find the time to learn about the latest technology tools and effective uses and it is even harder for educators to find the time to actually learn the tools on their own. The session is dedicated time to allow you to work on incorporating technology into your classroom. The two hour session will allow you to work on anything covered over the four days with someone there to guide you and provide assistance if you get stuck.