401 – Bite Sized Learning

Welcome to our first episode of Season 4 of Restart Recharge! This time we navigate beyond the surface of bite-sized learning to explore the transformative world of micro-credentialing in K-12 education. Join us as we delve into a comprehensive discussion with Tom Burton, CEO of We Empower LLC and former Superintendent of Princeton City Schools, who brings his rich expertise and innovative thinking to our conversation.

This episode goes beyond conventional teaching strategies, addressing key issues such as the role of motivation in educational success, the challenges and opportunities of micro-credentialing for teachers, and how these approaches impact both student learning and educator professional development. Our discussion with Tom Burton illuminates the practicalities and philosophical aspects of modern education, providing invaluable insights for teachers, instructional coaches, and education enthusiasts.

Tune in for a dynamic dialogue filled with practical advice, thought-provoking questions, and inspirational messages. Whether you're an educator looking to enhance your teaching methods or someone passionate about the future of education, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and perspective.

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