402 – Interview Tips for Aspiring Coaches

In this week's Restart Recharge, we take a slight detour from our usual discussions on pedagogy and professional development to focus on a topic that's crucial for anyone looking to step into the world of instructional coaching: the application process. We're joined by Tyler Erwin, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Integration at Forward Edge, who brings a wealth of knowledge from his role at the helm of our instructional coaching team.

Dive deep with us as we explore the nuances of instructional design coaching, from the trends in hiring and essential qualities for success to the challenges newcomers face when transitioning from teaching to coaching. Tyler doesn't stop there; he also provides his top three tips for those aspiring to make an impact as Instructional Design Coaches and highlights the common pitfalls to avoid during the application process. This episode is a treasure trove for educators, instructional coaches, and anyone interested in the intricacies of instructional coaching.

Join us for a compelling conversation filled with expert advice, engaging stories, and actionable strategies. Whether you're a seasoned educator considering a shift to coaching or simply fascinated by the potential of instructional design in education, this episode is packed with insights that promise to enlighten and inspire.

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