404 – Giving Feedback to Teachers: The End of the Compliment Sandwich

Join us this week on Restart Recharge as we tackle the essential topic of feedback in education with Brooke Conklin, a return guest and one of our very own here at Forward Edge. Brooke, who has helped build and is now leading our certification programs and our Coaching Network. Today she brings her practical experience and insights into how effective feedback can enhance teaching and learning.

In this episode, Brooke shares stories from the field, including a pivotal experience with a fourth-grade team, to illustrate the impact of thoughtful feedback. We discuss how to move beyond simple praise or criticism to foster real growth and development in educators.

We'll delve into strategies that make feedback a powerful tool for improvement, focusing on authenticity, constructive criticism, and the importance of a supportive approach. Brooke offers advice for educators and coaches on how to engage in meaningful feedback conversations that lead to positive changes in the classroom.

Tune in for an insightful discussion filled with real-world advice and strategies that anyone in education can apply. Whether you're giving feedback or receiving it, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways.

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