406 – AI in the Classroom: A Powerful Tool for Transforming Teaching and Learning

In this episode of “AI Conversations,” we are bringing back the hot topic of AI in the classroom. Join us and forward-thinking educator Adam Mohler as he delves into how AI can revolutionize teaching and learning. Adam emphasizes that AI is not just a tool for students but also a personal assistant for teachers, easing their workload and supporting better teaching. Discover how AI can create engaging and personalized learning experiences, from generating first-grade-level stories to creating interactive slides with images. Adam also addresses the concerns and fears some teachers have about AI, assuring that it's here to stay and that it can be a powerful tool for educators who embrace it. Tune in to “AI Conversations” for insights and strategies on using AI to enhance student learning and transform education.

Find Adam here:
@moler3031 – Twitter/X
@moler.adam – Instagram
@moler3031 – TikTok

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