407 – The Leadership Journey: Insights for Instructional Coaches

Ready to enhance your role in educational leadership? “The Leadership Journey: Insights for Instructional Coaches” offers a practical and insightful look into the world of instructional coaching. This episode is perfect for instructional coaches, curriculum specialists, and educators looking to deepen their impact and leadership skills within the educational landscape.

We are talking with Natasha Rachell, Director of Instructional Technology for Atlanta Public Schools about personal anecdotes, expert advice, and practical strategies to transform the often solitary journey of an instructional coach into a collaborative expedition towards excellence! With discussions centered around personal and professional growth, this episode serves as a guide for those eager to inspire and lead with confidence.

Tune in to discover actionable insights and advice on transforming your approach to leadership. “The Leadership Journey” is your invitation to become a more effective leader in education. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn, grow, and influence the future of teaching and learning.

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Twitter: @apsitnatasha
Instagram: @natashabrachell

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Hosts- Katie Ritter & Matthäus Huelse
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Producer- Matthäus Huelse

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