409 – Game On! Innovative School Competitions for Teacher Training

In this exciting episode, join Matthaeus Huelse and Katie Ritter as they learn more about “Tech Madness”, a thrilling tech competition that transformed professional development into a battleground of innovation and skill. Discover how our instructional coaches Alyssa Faubion and Jordan Petri turned a friendly contest into a powerhouse of learning, motivation, and community building among educators. We discuss what makes this a success across multiple rural districts, and how Alyssa and Jordan kept engagement high throughout the competition. Fair warning, there may be some trash-talking in this episode!

Whether you're an educator looking for a spark of inspiration or simply in love with the idea of gamification in professional growth, this episode is for you. Our guest offer actionable tips that could change the way you approach teaching and coaching in your building. And if you are looking for an easy starting point, check out the template that Jordan created and feel free to use it for your own “Tech Madness!”

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