411 – EduGuardians, Assemble!

Welcome to another epic episode of Restart Recharge! This week, hosts Matthaeus Huelse and Katie Ritter are joined by the incredible EDU Guardians: Larisa Black, Aileen Wallace, Christie Cloud, and Alyssa Faubion (and Heather Brown). These educational superheroes share their origin story and the super tools that power their mission to unite and ignite the passion of educators worldwide.

Discover how the EDU Guardians evolved from a simple AI prompt into a thriving community of over 145 educators, each with a unique superhero persona. Learn about their innovative methods of connecting educators through trading cards, virtual meetups, and collaborative projects, all aimed at building a supportive and dynamic personal learning family (PLF).

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Twitter/X – @EduGuardian5
Instagram – @EduGuardian5
TikTok – @EduGuardian5

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Meet the EDU Guardians at ISTE!

June 24
Edge U Badges 10:30 AM
Quizizz – 2:45 PM
Book Creator 3:15
Figma – 3:30 PM

June 25
Quizizz Photo – 12:20 PM
Brisk+EG+Week of AI – 5-7PM

June 26
Curipod/BenQ – 11:00 AM

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