Forward Edge’s 5 Tech Trends for Schools in 2015

Though we are already halfway through the school year, a new year means new trends and innovations to technology. To keep up with the changes, schools and teachers should look out for the following trends and think about incorporating them into your classrooms!

  1. Collaborative Software— Tired of accessing five different software programs to complete your workday? Look into improving your classroom with collaborative software. These will provide a single platform that will combine what you like most about your everyday applications: email systems, messaging, word, and presentation software and cloud storage! One specific program already launched and available are the Google Apps for Education. Forward Edge even has a Google expert ready and available to assist you integrate this new trend into your classroom.
  2. Virtual Reality— One of the most fascinating tech trends coming that will add a great dimension to a classroom with be the use of virtual realities. With tethered and untethered environments students can experience your lesson “in person” while staying in your classroom. You can use specialized goggles and software for a tethered experience connected to a system; or provide masks, such as Google goggles, that students can slip their smart phones into and explore at their own pace.
  3. Smart Virtual Personal Assistants (SVPAs)— SVPAs can help classroom and coursework scheduling and organization. SVPA can also be called “predictive applications” or “predictive intelligence” as their main use is to mine an individual’s data to help anticipate needs and manages task, schedules and more! Experts predict that SVPA technology will become key parts of mobile devices and platforms in the future making them more accessible to all. If you want to look more into SVPAs on the market, try the Amazon Echo, a personal SVPA for your home!
  4. Video— Though video is not considered a new technology, the way you can use videos in the classroom is being innovative. Not only can you stream live content, such as the news or current event in the classroom, but you can also set up video conferences with students outside the classroom anytime you want or need. Going back to a previous trend, Google Apps for Education has a program called Google Hangouts, which is specifically a video chat service! Student can use this to now collaborate on projects or school materials in real time no matter where they are.
  5. Blended and Flipped Learning— A new and interesting trend beginning to gain traction in the Ed Tech arena is the ideas of Blended and Flipped learning. Blended learning is the combination of teaching online and classroom teaching; this allows the teacher to give different lesson to different groups of students. No two students learn the same way, so why not provide them with the opportunity to learn differently! Flipped learning is when student will learn the actual course content through online sources and use your classroom time for project and group work. Combining these two emerging techniques can provide a unique customization to your classroom.

If you have any questions about these new trends, or want to look more into incorporating them into you school. Contact Forward Edge and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Happy New Year!  


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