A Code Above the Rest

by Paige Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Big News for the Future

Future growth in education technology can be a valuable for students and schools.  However introduction of educational technology can also be expensive for schools to fund.  Great news some new help is on the way. 

A new bill may exponentially increase possibilities for Districts to incorporate technology into curriculum. On September 25th, the White House announced a $200 million per year commitment to computer science education. This is a huge announcement for educators who have already begun using coding in the classroom and will help thousands of others increase awareness, knowledge and expertise in the computer science field.

education, children, technology, science and people concept – kids with laptop computer and invention kit at robotics school lesson

Where America Matches Up

According to an announcement from Hadi Partovi at Code.org, “America leads in computer science, thanks to countless supporters of this cause, starting with you: parents, students, and teachers, as well as partner organizations and local governments.” But this new commitment to funding is only the beginning. The funding will make way for more diverse programs, that way every student has the chance to become fluent in coding and computer science. It will also pave the way for schools to expand their STEM, computer science programs and provide students the knowledge to achieve more highly skilled careers that technology companies are pushing to fill.

What Coding Means at Forward Edge

As an advocate for new technologies and innovation, Forward Edge offers bootcamps, one-on-one training and webinars that help administrators and educators integrate technology into schools. One of our popular bootcamps is our Coding Bootcamp, where educators can familiarize themselves with the fundamental concepts of coding and how the approach to learning impacts student achievement. Participants experiment with different coding platforms that can be infused across all ages and subject areas and develop real ways to use the projects with their students.

For more information on the Coding Bootcamp, as well as other Technology and Curriculum Integration offerings from Forward Edge, email info@forward-edge.net.