Are Google Glasses the Future of Education?


Over the past several years, Google has been developing a device that some would say is right out of a Sci-Fi movie. Google Glass is just the latest product that google has all the capabilities of a smart phone, but sits on your head like a pair of glasses. The light weight frame has a small motion sensor box that is directly above your right eye that captures everything you see. You can even add a blue tooth headset to the glasses which allows the device to read you what you are looking up or a message you have received. While some say that this product will just be a fad or a bust, other individuals believe this product has the possibility of being the next big innovative item on the market and could change the world as we know it.

Google glasses 2


Impact on Education

An area that this product could have a massive impact on is education. With such a big push for school districts across the nation to implement more and more technology based lesson plans to better educate the future of the world, google glasses could play a big part in the classroom shift. Even with the very basic prototype version of google glass out for select users, one app already has the possibility to make a huge impact in classrooms, or better yet, outside of classrooms. The app is called “Field Trip,” and the purpose of it is to see the surroundings you are viewing and give you valuable information as you move along the area. Some say it gives you the ability to “live like a local when you travel to new places.” In terms of classrooms, this could change how students learn when they go on class field trips. No matter where they go whether it be a local business, national monument, or historic area, the google glasses can put valuable info right at the students finger tips. Not only can this make learning more enjoyable for the student, it allows the teacher to assist in other areas as the glasses inform the class of their surroundings.

 google glasses 3

Endless Possibilities

  While the Field Trip app is a huge advancement in education, the future for this product seems endless. Some functions it could possibly have in the future include document lessons, transfer info to their wireless devices, give real time referencing, translate studies, give group tutorials, home schooling, etc. The possibilities go on and on with the future for this device and how far google can take it is still something we will just have to wait and figure out. Regardless, these glasses seem to have potential to be the way of the future, so make sure you go out and read up on some more information on them and how they could help you.