Buckle Up! Forward Edge Coaching Programs is off to FETC!

Hey coaches!

Are you looking for a good cup of coffee and a chance to chat with fellow coaches from across the country? Look no further than Booth #2118 at FETC this year! Not only will you be able to grab a delicious cup of coffee, but you’ll also have the opportunity to add your “WHY” to our coaches impact wall.

At our booth, you’ll learn about all of the exciting coaching programs we have to offer. Whether you’re new to coaching or not, we have free and paid resources to support you! 

To help take your coaching skills to the next level and support you in that growth, we want to introduce you to the EDU Coach Network, Coaches Camp, our Coach Mentorship program.

The EDU Coach Network is a professional learning network exclusively for instructional coaches like you. It gives you a space to connect, learn, and grow with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about impacting teaching and learning. 

Coaches Camp is a multi-day interactive professional learning experience designed by coaches for coaches. It is every bit of knowledge that we wish we had when we started our coaching roles and we want to share that knowledge with you! 

Whether you are adding new coaches to your team, rolling out a new coaching structure like coaching cycles, or want to amplify the impact a single coach can have in a district- Mentorship is the best option and highest level of personalized support you can give your coaches. 

Our Mentorship Program pairs each coach with a highly skilled veteran coach whom they meet with regularly to support the coach’s professional growth and counsel the coach in how to best support teaching and learning in your school. 

Our goal? Support YOU. 

Let’s make an impact TOGETHER. 

Mark our coffee date on your calendar and stop by our booth anytime January 23rd-26th!