Careers of the Future: The Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet

In a new partnership report published by Dell Technologies and the Institute for the Future (IFTF), there is an estimate that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. These careers are a reflection of the ever-changing technological terrain that encompasses our daily lives.


In education, we’ve already seen the way technology has changed the job and learning landscape. A decade ago, library media specialists were unheard of, high schools wouldn’t dream of having entire blocks of classes dedicated to programming and computer skills, and maker spaces hadn’t even been thought of yet, much less who would manage them! Devices such as iPads and Android tablets had just been launched, and even the social media powerhouses that educators use daily, such as Twitter and Instagram, were barely in their infancy.

Yet, here we are – A decade later. Not only are these careers available, but even traditional education roles have been transformed by the evolution of technology as we know it. According to, there are currently 700+ listings for Library Media Specialist – That’s incredible for a career that has only surfaced in the last decade.

Technology has also changed the way careers are started. Tweets can get an interview, your blog can launch your writing career, and having the latest digital credentials, like the ones provided via Forward Edge’s Edge•U Badges Program, can open doors in your field faster than ever before. 

What about ten years from now? Twenty? Thirty? What will our career landscape look like to those just now starting kindergarten? According to the report by Dell and the IFTF, while a vast majority of future careers haven’t even been thought of yet, some of these may be in their beginning stages in the present day and will be fully developed by the time younger generations are ready to enter the workforce.   


One example of a future career is the Solar Technology Specialist, which is a current career option, though very niche and specialized in application. According to Huffington Post, “As we move forward, we’ll be looking for more efficient and sustainable ways to obtain energy. we may find ourselves looking increasingly toward the sun. Solar technology specialists would help building owners to design and maintain panels in cities and manage grids in the countryside.”

Another example that young students have as an option is Virtual Reality application developer. Kids today will see valuable opportunity in developing applications for VR technology in the future as adults! While Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are gaining traction, the technology is still developing and evolving. What was once an expensive entertainment-only technology, AR and VR are now being seen day-to-day settings: From virtual field trips via cardboard VR glasses to AR being utilized as a way to provide better educational accessibility. These technologies are slowly evolving to be used in entirely new applications and enriching future careers. 

As noted in the study, many more careers do not currently exist and will only come to be the further technology, and its role in our lives, progresses. Education as we know it will likely keep on changing too, as technology continues to influence the needs of educational careers. Much like the librarian has evolved into media specialist, other roles in education and academia will continue to evolve alongside technology. 

The careers mentioned here are only the most basic sampling of what the jobs available to current K-12 students might look like. We can only wait and see what other exciting developments the next decade or two bring, but if it is anything like the last, it will be full of powerful, transformative changes that truly elevate the educational field in all aspects!


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