Google Debuts Certified Coach Program; Forward Edge a Recommended Coaching Partner

Forward Edge is excited to announce we have been selected by Google for Education as a Recommended Partner for their new Certified Coach program!

What is a Google Certified Coach?

The Google Certified Coach program empowers instructional coaches to facilitate technology use in their schools – using their structured, year-long curriculum and research-backed 5-step coaching model. Forward Edge veteran coaches serve as mentors to help first-year coaches effectively implement coaching practices in their districts. Google Certified Coaches work 1-on-1 with teachers to identify and adopt technology-based solutions that solve classroom challenges. 

What is a Google Certified Coach Recommended Partner?

Recommended coaching partners are professional development organizations that have demonstrated coaching expertise and mastery of Google’s Certified Coach curriculum. They provide optional, paid services to educators who are aspiring to become Certified Coaches. These services focus on providing mentorship to coaches and their administrators — as well as frameworks to help ensure coaching is aligned with school goals and tools to help measure impact.

Forward Edge’s Certified Coach Mentorship Program

As a recommended partner, Forward Edge technology integration coaches serve as mentors to aspiring coaches working through the year-long Google Certified Coach curriculum and application process.  Our mentorship program includes summer coaches training, regular one on one meetings with a designated mentor all year, access to the entire Forward Edge C&I department, guidance for administrators, and more. 

Through this intensive apprenticeship program, aspiring and newer coaches will walk away with the confidence and skills to create sustainable change in their district! As a partner to many K-12 school districts already, Forward Edge hopes that the Coach mentorship program can supplement their extensive relationship within the education industry. For more information about our mentoring options, visit our website.

Get a Ahead of the Curve

As mid-summer approaches, many school districts are still waiting on guidelines from various agencies on how to operate the schooling system for the fall. The coronavirus crisis has hastened the trend toward 1:1 initiatives in schools and exacerbated the need for meaningful technology integration in instruction. Don’t let your coaches and administrators fall behind when it comes to mastering educational technology in the classroom. Call us today at (513) 761-3343, or go to our website to stay ahead of the technology curve by choosing Forward Edge as a mentor partner on your path to becoming a Google Certified Coach!