Protect Your Students –6 Easy Steps to Receiving a School Security Grant

The Importance of School Security

Our children are our future, and we all want to know that when children are dropped off for the day, they are in good hands. Students should be able to relax and learn in a safe environment, with ample security to reassure them that any of the various criminal activity on the news that takes place in schools won’t affect them.

Unfortunately, security is not exactly inexpensive, and many schools simply don’t have the budget to ramp up their security measures to increase the safety of their students and staff. That’s why Ohio has announced their School Security Grant through OSFC. This grant provides up to $5,000 to secure your Main Entrance – where most of your visitors enter your building.

The School Security Grant from OSFC is available to almost every PK-12 School in Ohio. Round 2 Emails were sent October 15th to the building Principals with a link to the application.

What to Know Before You Apply

shutterstock_104967464Applying is a simple, easy process, but there is some preparation work that can help maximize your chances of receiving funding. In your application, you must indicate why your current solution needs to be replaced. You want to indicate if your equipment is outdated or in poor working condition. If you currently have no front entrance security, it is important to put this on your application.

The money can be used for all pieces of installation, from cabling to licensing. Items eligible include, but are not limited to:

o   Aiphone

o   Remote access

o   Cameras facing entrance (inside/outside)

o   Monitor and DVR for system

o   Card readers and cards

6 Easy Steps to Securing Your School’s Grant

The application process is simple. You can apply as an individual school or as a district. Here is how to apply and receive your grant for up to $5,000!

  1. Fill out and submit application that was sent to the building Principal by OSFC.
  2. Application is reviewed and money amount is given to you.
  3. Select appropriate solution for your building and have it installed.
  4. Pay vendor for the products and installation.
  5. Submit your invoice and proof of payment to OSFC.
  6. Receive check for the amount of money stated on your grant.

Why No School Can Afford to Overlook This Grant

We all wish the world was a safer place, but unfortunately, bad things happen in this day and age. Don’t let your school fall victim to something that’s preventable – especially when the funds to increase your security are available free of charge.

If you have any questions about your School Security Grant application, please call Forward Edge. We are actively working with schools to help them apply for the money and decide on an optimum solution for their building. Our goal is to work with you to find a system that will allow you to upgrade to, add on, or expand on your existing security. If you currently have no solution in place, we can help you find a holistic system that will allow you to grow as needed. Bad things can happen, don’t wait!