Edge•U is a Tech & Learning Best of 2022 winner- twice!

We are pleased to announce that Edge•U Badges has won in this year’s Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022 in the Primary and Secondary Education category.

This award recognizes the top best products in the educational technology industry from the last 12 months, intentionally selecting those that aid educator professionals and leaders, students, and all stakeholders. 

Edge•U was critiqued based upon its featured skill set, innovation, perceived value and ease of use, following which it was deemed to be a standout within the sector and selected as a winner in two categories!

The awards’ editorial team have said that “each year the Awards of Excellence grow to include a more diverse range of products and companies. With this being the case, judging and finding our winners becomes a tougher decision with each award. All of our judging is performed by industry experts, meaning those who have impressed and won the award should be truly proud of their achievement. Well done from all of Tech & Learning”.

We enthusiastically want to continue to share our love for professional learning. If you would like to see our winning product, please visit www.edgeubadges.com to learn more. You can read more about our success on Tech & Learning’s website, in their regular newsletter and other promotional channels from the brand in the coming weeks.

Edge•U is an online educational tool that provides short and focused training programs for teachers. In 2020, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) recognized Edge•U’s training as being aligned with their standards and awarded it with the “ISTE Seal of Alignment”. In 2022, Edge•U was given a renewal of the seal. The judges who made the decision said that Edge•U is a great tool for professional development and it also offers digital badges to recognize the skills and knowledge teachers have gained.

If you are an educator looking to enhance your professional growth and stay relevant in your field, Edge•U is here to help facilitate your learning with voice and choice! Our badge program offers concise, impactful learning experiences to support your need for ed tech strategies and skills.