Stay Connected: Exterior Wifi Solutions from Forward Edge!

During this time of social distancing around the United States, every business is thinking about how to reposition solutions to keep customers connected and safe. With the increased need for technology that this era is ushering in, many schools are considering more distance learning solutions and what to do when students return to physical school buildings. Forward Edge is now offering Exterior WiFi Solutions to help support districts with an increase in technological needs and access to reliable WiFi. Especially now, with stay-at-home orders and masks becoming the norm,  many homes and communities lack access to wifi and these policies are a further obstacle to such inequities.

That’s Where We Can Help.

Forward Edge is focused on education’s ability to teach its students effectively. Exterior WiFi will allow students and teachers to be connected during all school activities at all times of the day. WiFi coverage can be placed in parking lots, or in easily accessible outdoor areas and extends in all directions with an omnidirectional antenna (barring any physical obstructions).

Like many school districts across the region, Mason City Schools has implemented Forward Edge’s Exterior WiFi Coverage plan and has greatly expanded their access. Our background with managing network infrastructure and technology installation will ensure schools can best teach their students in the most effective manner, even though classes can’t be held in the building.

Connectivity From Your Car.

This kind of solution can help equalize inequitable access to online learning. Forward Edge is doing its best to help schools teach students using distance learning, with various resources available on our website here, disassembling Chromebook carts and distributing them to students, and providing remote support when issues occur during online school sessions. Forward Edge is committed to your educational success during this unprecedented period.

Interested in learning more about our Exterior WiFi Coverage solution? Email to get a customized quote and plan for your district!