Forward Edge Partners with Pearson to Bridge the Technology & Curriculum Gap

The Gap

  • Online learning materials often require technology-enhanced environments including robust wireless solutions to support 1:1 and BYOD programs.
  • Education professionals may not be tech savvy requiring them to learn new skills beyond their comfort zone just to be able to teach and interact through technology.
  • Disconnects between teachers, curriculum and technology are causing students to fall behind.

The Partnership: Forward Edge (Technology) + Pearson (Curriculum).

Forward Edge has recently entered into a partnership with Pearson as a K-12 Channel Partner, pearson partnershipto offer districts integrated and personalized technology and digital curriculum solutions.

Districts know they need to enhance their technology platforms and build plans to improve learner outcomes and they need help with the transition. District leaders, IT directors and technology specialists can now work with one unified team to create a clear vision of the path to deploying a digital learning environment that teachers will embrace and where your students will excel.

 Top 3 Benefits of the Partnership.

  1. Ensuring the proper Technology Underpinnings Are in Place to Support a Collaborative, Digital Learning Environment. As Curriculum continues to migrate to personalized formats, schools need to implement complex digital infrastructures that can support increasing bandwidth requirements. Pearson and Forward Edge will jointly assist schools in their Curriculum selection and provide guidance on the requisite technology..
  1. Making Integration Easy and Hassle-Free. Navigating the path from selection of new digital curriculum to full-scale deployment can be cumbersome for educational professionals. Pearson and Forward Edge are creating solutions that are already integrated and that greatly simplify the set-up, start-up, and ramp-up to productive digital learning environments.
  1. Introducing Improved Student Learning through New Instructional Strategies.For teachers to understand technology-clad Curriculum in a way that allows them to improve their teaching methods, they are required to embrace new digital formats. Forward Edge can help minimize instructor downtime and increase acceptance through professional development training, issue resolution and ongoing quick response management from Forward Edge’s well-trained education technology team.

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