Great Testimonial from a Forward Edge Customer

One of the most important aspects of any business is testimonials from happy customers. At Forward Edge, we’re no different. We like to highlight customers who take the time and really dig into what makes a great testimonial. The following testimonial is from an Instructor Coordinator who currently works at Butler Tech. Her testimonial was so in-depth, we decided to make a blog post out of it!

“Scott and Chip,

I would like to give you feedback about the move by this past Tuesday with Forward Edge from Ohio Casualty to Miami University.  The move was seamless.  The staff with Forward Edge was stellar. I was impressed with the young men with the company. Here a list of thought for the day:

  • They were professional dressed and groomed appropriately for job. I love the uniforms: shirts with their job titles, tucked in shirts, belts and tennis shoe.  This made a positive impression on me the moment they walked in the door.
  •  Each of the gentlemen worked without complaining or stopping. We bought them lunch because they were so wonderful, it was hard to get them to stop for lunch. Tuesday was a hot and muggy day and here was A LOT of HEAVY stuff.
  • Their manners were wonderful – they never used inappropriate language or goofing off. They said ma’am and sir when addressing everyone.
  • When we arrived at Miami and realized that the pallets were not fit in the door they were positive and started unloading and putting on charts.
  • I don’t like sitting around, so I took a chart and a pallet down the elevator, each time a staff would take it from me and say let me get that for you. Very respectful and professional.

I can’t even begin to say how wonderful I feel each of these young men was the entire day.   Whatever Forward Edge is doing to train their staff, it is working. AWESOME Job! Great experience.”

Rosi Wood
Project SEARCH
Instructor Coordinator
Butler Tech