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In order to prepare our students with the skills they need to meet the demands of an increasingly technological world, schools must integrate technology into the classroom. Unfortunately, millions of students lack access to the high–speed broadband internet that supports most technological devices. In fact, fewer than 20% American schools have the broadband they need to use today’s technology.

To combat this issue, President Obama recently announced the ConnectED initiative.

How ConnectED will help:

  • Upgrading Connectivity — Connect 99% of American students to next-generation broadband and high-speed internet wireless within the next five years. And, provide better broadband access for students in rural areas by investing in broadband infrastructure
  • Training Teachers – Invest in improving the skills of teachers, ensuring that every educator in America receives support and training in using education technology
  • Encourage Private-Sector Innovation — robust market in educational software can unlock the full educational potential of broadband investment

There has already been major progress on this initiative, including commitments by The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and private-sector companies.

These commitments include:

  • The FCC is investing $2 billion over the next two years to expand student connectivity
  • Adobe will provide more than $300 million worth of free software

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  • Apple will donate $100 million in products and professional development tools
  • AT&T pledged more than $100 million to give 50,000 students free internet for three years

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  • Autodesk is making their 3D Design program “Design the Future” available for free in U.S. schools ($250 million value)

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  • Esri will provide $1 billion worth of free access to online organization accounts to every school in America

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  • Microsoft launched an affordability program open to ass public schools that decreased the price of Windows-based devices

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  • O’Reilly Media is making $100 million in educational connect and tools available for free

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  • Prezi will provide $100 million in Edu Pro licenses

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  • Sprint will offer free wireless for up to 50,000 students

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  • Verizon will support ConnectED with $100 million

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At Forward Edge we think it is important for our schools to stay informed on the latest news in technology. To help you better navigate through the noise around ConnectED, we have provided some useful resources below!

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