It’s OFFICIAL! Edge•U Badges Program Proudly Continues to Hold the ISTE Seal of Alignment!

Forward Edge is excited to announce the renewal of the ISTE Seal of Alignment for the Edge•U Badges program as the result of effective teamwork and dedication to excellence.

Edge•U is a professional development platform designed by teachers, for teachers, to guide educators in the utilization of technology tools and strategies for instructional leadership. The Edge•U platform is set up so that participants earn “badges”, or micro-credentials, that correlate to a specific number of points (e.g. one to five) depending upon the scope and/or difficulty of required tasks and providing evidence to support the application. Edge•U reaches all learners with its broad net ranging from basic tech productivity tools to gaining national-level presenter status. Edge•U allows participants the chance to align their professional development goals to an anytime, anywhere learning platform.

About ISTE

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the premier nonprofit membership organization and dynamic edtech community that serves to inspire educators and innovative educational leaders around the globe. ISTE is committed to empowering connected learners who are passionate about using technology to supplement and transform pedagogic instruction in the classroom.

By following the ISTE standards, Edge•U is acknowledging the unique creation of solutions and connections that improve opportunities for all learners through practical guidance, evidence-based professional development, virtual networks, and informational programs that promote critical thinking.

About the Seal of Alignment

In this digital age of learning, supporting purposeful best practices is crucial for every grade level and content area. The ISTE standards provide a solid range of indicators as a conscious and meaningful solution in the evaluation of the depth of knowledge in particular skills. Extensive inspection is conducted by trained ISTE Seal of Alignment reviewers to determine whether or not critical elements of indicators have been met under specific criteria.

By earning a Seal of Alignment, ISTE verifies that this product:

  • Promotes critical technology skills
  • Supports the use of technology in appropriate ways
  • Contributes to the pedagogically robust use of technology for teaching and learning
  • Aligns to the ISTE Standards in specific ways as described in the review finding report

Summary of Findings from the Seal of Alignment Review Process

Edge•U was reviewed alongside the ISTE Standards for Educators. The original 2020 Seal of Alignment review included the 110 Badges that were on the platform at that time, while this addendum report focused on the 108 Badges added since the last report that further increased the platform’s alignment. Read the addendum here.

Reviewers focused mainly on the Tasks to complete and Evidence to submit within the Use It! section, as these were the mandatory criteria for the participant to earn a Badge. First and foremost, the most effective determination of this review proved that this type of professional development engages teams of educators to focus on the needs of their students. The results have proven that Edge•U is a fun, motivational, and engaging way to participate in professional learning, while also giving the administration at districts across the country insight into teachers’ continuing education like never before!

Click Here to Read ISTE’s Original Report on Edge•U!

After the detailed review process, Edge•U Badges was determined to meet the ISTE Standards for Educators at the Foundational and Applied levels!

Edge•U offers an array of learning opportunities in the form of Badges whereby participants browse or search to select the topic and development scope that is appropriate to their personal development goals. This parallels the ‘voice and choice’ options that educators can elect to focus on a particular proficiency by choosing from ten Pathways (ex. The Core Four, Student Led Learning, etc.). The Badges correspond to Edge•U’s three-fold methodology: Learn It, Use It, and Extend It which leads participants through learning, practicing, and applying the new skills. Completion of badges results in platform achievement levels (ex. Initiator, Trailblazer, etc.) and even university credit. Since the platform experience is customizable to each participant, it is a promising way to engage educators of all skill levels in the development of education-technology skills and instructional leadership.

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