New Google Certified Trainer on Staff!

Michael Roush, a Curriculum and Technology Integration Specialist at Forward Edge, recently received his Google Certified Trainer Badge. Michael joined the team in May of 2016, adding extensive value and expertise to our growing Curriculum and Technology Integration Department.

For over ten years, Michael has presented at local, regional, state, and national events on effective implementation of educational technology to benefit diverse learners. Last year, he presented an Ignite session titled Five Rules of Design Thinking to Reach all Students, at the ISTE conference in Denver, Colorado at the end of June.

After going through an extensive application process, Michael has been accepted into this exclusive group of passionate and driven education professionals. His new certification will allow him to conduct and report at least 12 training/coaching sessions per year, share ideas and resources with the Google community of trainers and resubmission of interest, including the annual product assessment.

His new certification will enable him to build upon his abilities to lead, coach, plan and deliver top-notch training. We are proud of Michael’s new certification to add to his list of accolades that he brings to Forward Edge’s team.

“This certification was important to me, because it represents more than the skills I have demonstrated,“ Michael noted upon receiving news of his acceptance.  “It represents a commitment to continue to learn and support the work of educators in providing excellent educational opportunities for all students.”  The Curriculum Integration team is available for our customers in a number of ways. Everyone on the team has formal education training, previous teaching experience, and has come to Forward Edge from the education world.

The Technology and Curriculum Integration team at Forward Edge is growing rapidly to deliver the best solutions for technology integration into the classroom. Every engagement with our schools looks different; but by utilizing the ISTE Standards for Coaches, multiple certifications in Google For Education and experience with the latest technology, they provide a wide range of services like Professional Development, 1-on-1 Coaching, On-Site Coaching, Bootcamps, Webinars and more! Learn more about their services here.