Prevent Data Loss and Stay Connected in 2015 with Forward Edge and APC

The winter weather is here, is your school prepared? The snow, wind and ice can cause your school power shortages and outages leading to interrupted leaning and decreased productivity. To make sure your infrastructure is ready and able to withstand the harsh weather, it is imperative to check your current batteries and confirm they are in proper working condition. When a school has malfunctioning batteries, the effects of cold weather can cause significant decreases to their network processing. Because the batteries are facing lower temperatures, the chemical reactions will occur more slowly causing a smaller current. These low currents leave your school operating far from its capacity, and in severe occasions, from operating at all! Old batteries can also be susceptible to these problems, if your school’s batteries are 3-5 years old, it may be time to replace them.55

In partnership with APC by Schneider ElectricTM, Forward Edge has the technology experts ready to work with your school to identify your battery needs and provide you with the best battery solution, keeping your school online through the entire winter. APC by Schneider ElectricTM, has top of the line batteries able to withstand the most severe winter weather your school may face.

If you are interested in learning more about the products provided by APC or would like a FREE BATTERY CONSULTATION from Forward Edge to make sure your school is ready for the coming weather, contact us Today: 513-671-3343!