Special Episode: Meet Our New Co-Host Matthaeus!

Welcome to a special episode of “Restart Recharge: A Tech Coach Collective!” In this episode, we're taking a slight detour from our usual content to introduce you to our new co-host, Matthäus Huelse. From his roots in Germany to his educational journey across continents, Matthäus brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the podcast. Join Katie Ritter as she uncovers fun facts and quirky questions about Matthäus, from his favorite type of ballroom dancing to his unique journey to obtaining a driver's license.

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Podcast Team
Hosts- Katie  Ritter & Matthäus Huelse
Editing Team- Michael Roush, Alyssa Faubion, Matthäus Huelse
Social Media/ Promo Team- Annamarie Rinehart, Alyssa Faubion
Creative/Content Team- Matthäus Huelse, Brooke Conklin
Producer- Matthäus Huelse